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  1. Stop stealing all the womens Gerard!
  2. I think the choices I made left me for worse by the end of the game. If I were to play the game all over again, I'd play it the way TNF explained.
  3. Do you have a modified vehicle in the garage? If so, it is quite likely a dodgy mod.
  4. That's the most metal request ever.
  5. No worries. Here's a link to a direct download. It's a really great trainer. I hope you enjoy it. Link. Also, here is an image.
  6. Lol, my history seems pretty well known. I was the first moderator at GTAForums to be banned for misconduct. Zing! (well actually, second.... technically)
  7. Good job, but I'm afraid you're a little late. LithJoe created a really fantastic trainer application for GTA3 in 2001. It progressed up to version 3.5 which was fantastic. It is probably the best trainer I've ever used to date. I'll post more info and a download if you're interested?
  8. No kidding. I would have thought IGN would have tried harder. I read the comments below and one person raised a very good point - something along these lines... Though IGN may have put some effort into publishing the actual booklet, they really didn't put much thought into the original concept.
  9. Aside from a couple spelling mistakes, this is a decent guide. Good stuff. PS: It's spelled opacity.
  10. I read the first post and nothing since then, so I don't really know what's going on with this topic, but Ryder, you're a fucking tool. That is all.
  11. His noodle is unnamed... and his new sig is awesome.
  12. Simply epic! I'm ashamed to admit this, but it looks excellent! I almost prefer the pink.. it's rather appealing to my feminine side I guess.....
  13. Is there really any harm in saying please?
  14. In THAT photo, he looks a little like Michael Jackson. Hmm.
  15. By having sex I guess?

  16. I know you closed this Chris, but I really needed to add this.... LOL. Seriously. I cackled like a 12 year old when I read that. Classic.
  17. Huh? Claude is betrayed be a couple of people - Catalina and Salvatore for example, but not because of his paranoia. Nevertheless, I hope this answers your question. Which vehicles do you collect in the mission "Grand Theft Auto"?
  18. Eew, Opera. I agree though, AdBlockers are effective if you have a good one.
  19. You'll be pleased to know I upgraded from a Sprite bottle to a Powerade bottle today. Oh yeah.

  20. I gave the test another go and I still suck. @Steam. I used to think you were cool, but now, since you internet is so much better, we can no longer be friends.
  21. Hurrah for Muse. Looking slick there mate.
  22. Poor Victoria. They're bearing the brunt of all of these natural disasters. Well, I suppose Queensland is taking one for the team by letting old Hamish (cyclone) have a go at them, but what the fuck is next though? It's like we've been spared years of natural disasters to have them all thrown at us in one big barrage of shit. Hmm. I hope nothing is on it's way to old Adelaide or Hobart.
  23. I'm with Connor, though I don't completely agree with Sabin. The lack of interactivity is a factor of course, but I think what makes the previous GTA's less appealing to play now than they were 5 years ago, is that we've become used to the gameplay in GTA4. In comparison, GTA4 has far more challenging handling, and when you pull off a perfect drift, or the perfect jump, you really feel responsible for it, and although this feeling may have been felt when originally playing GTA3, VC or SA, there is no comparison between those games at GTA4 in terms of driving experience anymore. That's just my opinion though.
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