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  1. is it possible for them to spread to other PCS through videogame discs?
  2. Use the sabre, it is somewhat fast and has absolute no grip on the road.
  3. Ok, you ignorant dipshits obviously arn't getting the message. GTA LCS will not be on PS3. R* doesn't want to release last gen games on next gen hardware. The GTA game on PS3 is GTA4, not 3, VC, SA LCS or VCS, GTA4. Got it?
  4. There is no arrow. All the programs that start up when I start the PC don't show up (steam, MSN messenger, etc) on the systray or pop up. If I try to use the program it doesn't load. I don't know what the shizzle happened, I came home from school, turned on my PC and it was frocked. The only thing that shows in the tray is the sound icon. Internet explorer also seems to be crashing really often also
  5. Windows Xp. Specs don't matter, it works fine every other day and today it doesn't
  6. My PC is f***ed for some reason. All of the icons in the bottom right corner are missing execpt for the sound icon. Help please.
  7. It's not because of hackers that you cant get any kills, its because SA-MP or MTA are incredibly buggy. You expect some 3rd part software to be perfect? GTA was never meant to be played online and over the internet. If you want an olnine game thats god I suggest you buy battlefield 2, tanks, cars, planets or on foot. Big maps too, each map is about the same size as portland of Liberty City
  8. It was Vic that was killed. This is just like the "omg lolz tommeh varcetty iz in VCS!!!1!one11!!" topic that GTA not a master made. I shove all the fatcs down your throats but then you end up just spitting it back out.
  9. We arn't torturing animals. When we kill an animal for its food, etc we kill it with a quick and painless meathod, like a bullet or a shock.
  10. What about "the driver" mission in VC?
  11. Sorry, mods are not avaliable on PS2
  12. Im on chris82's side, you bunch of tree hugging shits. Ok bear, so humanity is destroying the earth? Sorry friend, but I believe that you are a human as well? Ok, bear, seeing as you don't want to destroy the earth, quickly unplug and destroy your PC right now. Your PC is being fueled by earth destroying materials. And don't forget to go and live in the forest, your house is being heated, water provided, etc by earth destroying materials. I saw your pics, you have glasses right? Destroy them. The factories that made your frames was powered by earth destroying materials. Take off all your clothes too, the farmers ddin't ask the sheeps if they could have thier wool!
  13. Ok bear, lets ban fur trade. Wait, why stop, lets ban pets too. Animals shouldn't be kept as pets, they should be free. No, lets go even further, lets ban killing of animals. Meats will no longer be sold, only veggies and tofu are the things you can eat.
  14. Try using explosion proof cars like a tank, the cheetah in the El Burro race, etc.
  15. Yeah. Fur trade shouldn't be banned, but animals should be killed by a bullet, shocked, etc then skinned.
  16. I hate PETA, sorry. They're way too extreme in animal rights, I woundn't be suprised if a member of PETA had sex with an animal. Its just nature, if we don't kill an animal, then another animal will kill it. Its just survival. EDIT: Holy crap, I watch your video. I always thought an animal was killed, skinned, and all the meats were sold as eating meat.
  17. No it didnt. The difference wasnt that extreme. He still talked the same and acted the same and had the same face. It didnt look like a completely different person all together In GTA3 he was overweight and short
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