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    pwned Clean up your grammar, dear chap. Do be a fellow and try not to be so goddamn oxymorous.
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    GTA Europe

    The GTA London Mod became GTA Great Britain to fit in with SAs larger playing area. Now managed by Suction Testicle Man, GTAGB will be at the forefront of the London movement that seems to be swimming up in other TCs To the best of my knowledge, which is as a result of being closely involved and now managing www.GTALondon.com, STM is not willing to go back into partnership with anybody, as that was the reason the original GTA London mod fell apart.
  3. VC replays do take a whole chunk of system resources, if waiting doesnt cure it, make sure nothing else is running (msn, ie, firefox) or even consider stopping explorer.exe from the task manager, as this will make VC the only major process running on your machine. Alternatively, a little upgrade normally should do the trick. Its just one of these annoying things that is hassle to sort out. If you're getting error messages, it might be a bad disk or installation.
  4. Well MTA would be a good place to start www.multitheftauto.com
  5. I've had blank textures only on a machine too slow / not enough RAM to render them. Try upgrading to 512mb RAM, doesnt cost too much and it will certainly benefit your system. Doesn't look like theres anything wrong with the game, just it may not load if the rendering isnt activated. Try going start | run | "dxdiag" Go to the 'display' section and make sure that DirectDraw Acceleration and Direct3D Accelleration are enabled. Often on server systems these are switched off. They should be on to play games.
  6. i agree entirely with Slavik Von Stockholm Wildstyle rarely worked on my overused scractched disk, but i didnt like what i heard. VCPR was the only one with a naked guy on, had to win V Rock is the only one worth extracting. mp3 player + bus + V Rock = yay Although, the idents for Flash and Fever were pretty clever... *doesnt think of one to quote* ah yes: yeah.... good old VC
  7. GTA 4 is going to be a game in itself. Rockstar are mature enough to make another game, rather than resorting to shoving SA, VC and GTAIII on one disk. I dont think people should underestimate R*. Why would they need to put their three old games in? I'm pretty sure they'll surprise us in the long run. Nobody was expecting GTAIII to be so radially different to GTA2. Nobody was expecting SA to cover an entire state. Nobody was expecting Vice City to be so lame, yet so popular (i love it , actually). The only thing i dont really like about Vice City is the way half the buildings and textures are straight copies of GTAIII, and pasted badly (especially in the airport). Rockstar will once again astoud us with their innovative use of new and old technology, maybe there will be support for the eye-toy, or three-dimensional holo-screens. yea okay, i'm dreaming a bit there, but 53gig on a disk is pretty amazing, so why can't we accept we don't have a clue whats ahead. Maybe some of these ideas will go in, but we can't presume that it will be anything like the GTAIII series, it will be completely different. Hey sure, we can hope, but we'll be miles away, probably literally. In between the PC releases of Vice City and San Andreas, we've seen Media Centre PCs, 3GHz CPUs, desktops with 4gig RAM, terabyte hard drives and a Royal Wedding. You really can't expect GTA Four to be something we can imagine now, which in itself is impossible to imagine. Maybe we can hope, but really, we will be surprised. Don't get me wrong, i'm not doubting the legitimacy of this topic, i just think many people are being naïve as to what R* have in store. Dont expect more of the same, expect something many, many times better.
  8. If anybody needs a bit of computer info, or needs to talk to someone about it, come and visit The Technical Place or post it in our forums EDIT (8th October 2006) Omigosh, was I such a n00b back then?
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