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    the old guy..

    To me they are the same person but I don't think it is Tommy Vercetti, protagonists that usually do return have only a minor cut-scene role and not a mission type return like this would suggest. I think this guy looks important though.
  2. I would be happy if SF and LV are added, I still kinda wanted a 70s setting, but can't see that happening any time soon because gameplay would obviously take a hit since you can't have mobile/internet. Im probably being a little pessimistic because I am still curious, I just hope the second trailer gives a bit more detail on the game.
  3. I've seen the trailer a fair few times now, and all I can think of is this is just IV with a LA theme, with the same/similar time setting which means its unlikely we will see characters from IV (which isn't that bad I suppose). Don't get me wrong I am still excited and the trailer has made me more curious and I will get the game but I just feel they could have done a little more. If San Fierro and Las Venturas is included I think it will make it much better. Is anyone else a little disappointed?
  4. Doubt 'V' has anything to do with location, From the rumours that have been going around I think Los Santos would be the likely location, but it could be anywhere and in any time, I still think a 70s timeline is possible but probably not for GTA V.
  5. Battlefield 3 is still the best game out currently, I mean I played the demo and it seemed like a full blown war, much better than COD. Rockstar probably made sure the trailer was released around this time to make sure it is still the number one game around. I expect this site to be busy on the 2nd november
  6. Yeah im good, have been inactive for a few years I think , but once I heard gtav trailer coming out I was back, lol I am changing my name back to Red Devil.
  7. I think location might be less important, while I don't want another rehash of the old cities (los santos, san fierro etc.) I think that timeline is more important, will they go back to the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s or create a modern timeline like IV, I would love a 70s style timeline but can't see it happening as the character would have to lose the mobile phone and internet etc.
  8. We have been waiting long, bit surprised they have made it gta V, I expected it to be like the last generation, but it should be a good game hopefully. It looks like i'll have to repurchase the ps3 soon, haven't been into games much since uni.
  9. I would love for it to come out in 2012, but they have yet to release a trailer, once they release a trailer then I would be optimistic about a 2012 release. Maybe they may go back to the (better) October release in 2012.
  10. I don't think GTAV will be released any time soon, I think a trailer comes out about a year before the release, so we still have a long way to go. What I will say is GTAIV was very good but it wasn't as revolutionary as San Andreas, it kinda went backwards in some respects, I hope they don't do it in San Andreas, they've already rehashed Liberty City, Im still holding out for GTA london, that would be good.
  11. Im quite scared of going to University, at first I was excited about it but now I am more anxious etc. Don't know why but I'm really worried about Uni, I dont now whether I could hack it or whether I can survive Uni. @Bossman What degree did you do?
  12. To be honest I dont want to spend any money at the moment because I'm trying to save up for Uni, I have too many PS3 games now anyway to buy a 360 plus I think I may not even use my PS3 once im at Uni, I haven't phoned Sony yet because I have been busy. If this has taught me one thing, it is to get a 5 year garantuee when buying something new.
  13. I dislike some pundits, they dislike Netherlands style of play but they know fine well if they played 'total football' they would have got torn apart. The Netherlands played well all things considering but should have had more people sent off from Netherlands, they did play a bit physical but you have to do that against Spain. All in all it was a poor game (as are most finals) but the tournament as a whole I think the Netherlands punched above their weight and Spain probably deserved to win the tournament.
  14. Thanks for the advice the re formatting never helped but I actually think it was the excessive amount of time it was on for that may have knacked it up, it was on pretty much 10-12 hours a day non stop for 2 days. I dont have a warranty but if its going to cost me around 130-150 quid I might just get a new PS3, some are going for £250 so I may get a new one but I don't know yet really since once I go to Uni in September I probably won't use it much at all. @Mpilk I tried doing what that video said but no luck I'm pretty sure its definetly a hardware failure and not a software one.
  15. I think Spain will win, however its far too close to call, the first goal will be crucial as whoever gets it will probably win the final, should be a good final though. Spain will have to make some important decisions, whether to play Torres, Pedro or Fabregas. Other than that they should be fine. I'm tipping Spain 1 nil.
  16. Basically as the title says my PS3 won't read anything anymore, from games to CDS and DVDs, I have never had this problem before and quite frankly was shocked that it has happened, considering I dont have a warranty on my PS3. Basically my PS3 was working fine on Thursday and played my games fine, but when I went away on a weekend I found out when I came back that my nephew had the PS3 on all day Friday and all day Saturday (not playing all day but keeping Assassins Creed 2 on pause when not playing) for some reason I think this is where the problem may have started, when I came back I tried to put Prince of Persia in and AC2 and also GTAIV but none were getting 'read' on the PS3. Just wondering is there anything I could do? I am currently halfway through the process of formatting the whole PS3 but I think that it is a hardware failure and am just wondering whether I could fix the problem myself or will have to phone Sony up which I am reluctant to do atm considering i'll probably have to pay since I dont have a warrant. Anyway advice would be much appreciated, Thank You.
  17. I'll probably be voting Lib Dem purely tactical though, as conservatives dont have a chance of winning where I live, @Gerrard I like you alternative voting method but how many parties are there? You couldn't possible name them all but I sitll like it. Anyway good picture with David Cameron, you get about a bit.
  18. Red_91

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Every GTA game since III has had mafia play a part in the storyline. I don't really mind this, as IV sort of corrected this with having much more emphasis on the Russian gangs and a little of LJ gang. I'm not sure what storyline the next GTA will be, but I do hope they return to the rag to riches storyline, or even riches to rags and back to riches again.
  19. This may be hard to believe but I have never had a wet dream, I know a few others from my college who haven't too, obviously they could be lieing but I would trust them on this.
  20. Red_91

    Let's make a bet!

    Yeah I loved life on mars, loved the cars and the clothing, but that was set in Manchester, I only see London as a possible UK location, nothing else. Would still be good to see London in the 70s, but it wouldn't be the same as if it were set in the noughties.
  21. Red_91

    Let's make a bet!

    I wouldn't be too fussed with Vice City although I would be a little dissapointed, I just want a 70s theme to come around, which would be good. For me how they did LC was magnificent, the only problem is now they have to keep that standard and improve it, there were a lot of good things about IV but also a few bad things. I want to see more clothe shops and also the car modifications.
  22. I do listen to a lot of different music except for maybe heavy rock/metal. For me though I mostly listen to electro, classical and pop (I know its vague), I've always liked electro stuff and I started to like classical with some things Ive heard from films and games, like the theme tune in Gladiator and then ending tune in the mist (very powerful music) and also stuff from the GTA series, especially that Phillip Glass Tune. Overall though I'd probably say the noughties best represents what I like, it had lots of variety from hip hop/rap to dance and indie. I kinda of think the ten's are going to continue this trend but with a bit more emphasis on hip hop and rap stuff. Also theres been a lot of collaberations (I think thats the word) in the noughties so I expect that to continue to.
  23. None of these people would have been anywhere near as fractionally successful if it wasn't for the media. You said yourself it's hard to name non - famous successful people. Therefore, before popular media and technology provided people with this vein for global fame, could they have reached their full potential? I agree with you, the media has made them (apart from Bill Gates) better but I still think they would have been successful even without the media (apart from Jade Goody), I mean Beckham won PL and a CL title with Manchester United, Chery Cole has had a cople of no. 1 with Girls Aloud, I do agree though the media has taken them further. I think someone will know when they've reached their potential, probably through marriage or career, I do think though a lot of people don't reach their maximum potential due to numerous things.
  24. That isn't as simple as you may think. What counts as maximum potential? Earning the most money? Being famous? Being happiest possible? Having loads of fun but a shit job? Working hard at the expense of fun? Having the best job? Being in charge of loads of stuff? Making the biggest positive difference to the world? Making the biggest impact? Different things are important to different people. I want an awesome job, whilst other people value fun more. Yeah I agree the quote is quite vague, basically the words 'maximum potential' are the words that have different meanings for different people. For me I would say job and money would be an important factor, others might see love and marriage ashte most important. For example people who I would say have reacher their maximum potential would be people like David Beckham, Cheryl Cole, Sir Alan Sugar, Bill Gates, Jade Goody, I know these are famous people but its quite hard to know any non-famous successful peope.
  25. Well theres quite a lot thats happened in this decade compared to others but I'm probably only saying that because I've really lived through this decade. Biggest News - Twin Tower Attacks 2004 Tsunami Hurricane Katrina The Credit Crunch Swine Flu (how exaggerated was this) Afghanistan and Iraq wars General Palestinian-Isreali conflict Irans Nuclear Programme Roger Federer overtaking Pete Sampras in total grand slam wins Thats all I cant think of, of the top of my head but theres probably more.
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