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  1. Connor if you dont believe in God fair enough but don't go spouting sh** out, other people may be offended by what your saying. I'm offended by what other people say, but it's tough shit. And the religious should be the last offended/complaining about people spouting shit out, they have a record for it. A record for it? What planet are you on? I've come to the conclusion your just a narrow-minded person.
  2. Spiderman 2 was the best, Spiderman 3 was pathetic, they completely wasted the idea of the dark spiderman. The best film out now must be The Hangover, one of the funniest films i've seen in a very long time, hugely dissapointed in Terminator though.
  3. Connor if you dont believe in God fair enough but don't go spouting sh** out, other people may be offended by what your saying. Try not to stereotype, one person doesn't mean everyones like that
  4. @ Mishom Giving the number 7 shirt to the young people can work against them because theirs that enormous pressure to fill Ronaldo's shoes whereas Owen doesn't have too much to prove to be hones @Bateman To be honest I would definetly move the Man City with the players they are buying and the wages they are offering, its ridiculous amount of money but still it would be worth it. Anyway I reckon Man City will have a front 6 looking liek this - Robinho---Barry---Ireland---Left Winger-- ----------------Tevez------------------------- -----------------Adebayour------------------
  5. If Man City get John Terry then they big four should definetly be worried. For me Man Utd have not gone absolutely crap but have been seriously weakened, I just dont see where the goals are going to come from, in midfiled I mean , its very difficult to replace a midfielder who scored 25+ goals a season. Owen is too injury prone and plus no ones ever won the premiership 4 times in a row so I am not so confident that United will do it this year, I reckon it could be Chelsea.
  6. That video was not funny, kinda retarded to be honest, who want want to waste a couple of minutes of their life doing that?
  7. Right I'd just like to clear some stuff up here, just because your a muslim doesn't mean you dont have sex before marriage, dont smoke etc. Everyones different I ain't going to lie I know muslims who smoke drink and have sex but each to their own as I say. The guy who has been banned was trying to sort of force Islam onto people on here but I think people have got the wrong end of the stick. Islam is meant to mean 'Peace' and its not about terrorism and spreading hatred.
  8. You could say he was lucky because if the girl was 12, then it would have been automatically classed as rape and he would have got a sentence. For me though its better to lose your virginity to someone you know etc. rather than someone you just meet in a club but each to their own.
  9. This topic is the funniest I have ever seen on here
  10. ^ Lol Is this topic necessary? Knowing people here like Chris said, they are likely to lie anyways.
  11. Man City have bought new players, we have not seen them play together yet, but if they hit the ground running then they could well be title challengers and I hope they do challenge makes a change form the usual 4 that are always up there. Anyway theres an 'Other' option, might not have seen that before.
  12. Condom will break? Possible, but highly unlikely and theres (I think) a 98% chance you won't get any STI's or the girl pregnant.
  13. Not being too critical but surely Man City need a place in the Title vote, they are surely contenders with all the money they have spend, they have just spent £25 mil on Emmanuel Adebayour. Anyway its too early to predict who is going to get relegated or win the title, I'll make my votes on Sep. 1st when the transfer window is closed.
  14. Well you could use a condom......
  15. Red_91

    Next war?

    I think war is inevitable if theres resources that people want. For me the Iraq war was totally based on resources but I won't go into that. N. Korea and Iran are becoming threats to the USA but lets be honest here, if the USA and Russia and Britain etc have nuclear weapons why can't N.Korea and Iran. I know people will think well Iran and N.Korea can't be trusted but who is to say that Russia or Britain or the USA can be trusted with these weapons. The Isreal - Iran fiasco will continue to go on as neither like each other and both have support, Isreal from the West and Iran from Palestine. etc
  16. I'd feel sorry for that pizza.
  17. Red_91

    Next war?

    Not always, I have read somewhere that WWII supposedly made countries get out of the 1930s depression. As Chris said earlier, if theirs religion there will be war but I think greed comes into it quite a lot. If Isreal do attack Iran, then Iran will not hold back they will throw everything at Isreal, I remember the Iranian president saying he wan'ts all Jews to be wiped out. But I wouldn't worry, there has been tensions between Iran and Isreal for some time now but nothing majore serious has happened.
  18. You shouldn't be embaressed if your a virgin AND its getting you down, depressing you etc. then you should sort it out sooner rather than later. If I was in your shoes just dont tell any girls you are a virgin, I doubt they would know the difference anyway.
  19. Creating a movie on a game is extremely difficult but it can be done, the Max Payne film showed it can although saying that Max Payne is totally different to GTA, for a GTA film it would have to be 3 seperate movies made a bit like the Rambo movies, with the storyline being pushed forward with each movie. I doubt anyone would make a GTA movie though, it would cost a lot for all the stunts and explosions etc. plus good games dont generallly make good movies.
  20. I think even Barcelona should be worried about Real Madrid, their attack if they gel together well will be better than Barcelona's anyday, Kaka and Ronaldo and Benzema are top players who are 'World - Class'. The only problem Madrid have is how to accomadate Kaka and Ronaldo and Benzema and Higuain all together, they might have to play with various formations before the get the right mix. The defence has improved though, they signed Raul Albiol, and he ain't a bad defender but he is not on the same calibre as Vidic, Ferdinand, Terry, Puyol, Nesta etc. Onto Man United, they have had probably a bad summer, they are getting muscled out financially by other clubs like Man City (who are mega rich now), Real Madrid and Chelsea, I reckon thats why they signed Micheal Owen, his days are gone he will probably only be a bit part player for United.
  21. Mini Bump Real Madrid are signing Karim Benzema on a six year contract and are also after Ribery, there front line is going to be monstorous even if they have an mediocre defence *Providing they get Ribery - possible front 6 Ribery - Gago - Kaka - Ronaldo ------Benzema---RVN/Higuain--- To me on paper that is probably the best front 6 in the world, but I don't know if they will gel together well. Onto Man United, they signed Luus Antonio Valencia yesterday for a direct replacement to Ronaldo but I still think they need a striker as they will struggle for goals now Ronaldo has gone. Not sure which striker to go for now Benzema is going to Real Madrid.
  22. Villa is good but lets be honest I dont think he would survive in the premiership, United for all we know may not be buying a striker but more a right side winger, Valencia and Silva will not be bad additions, however now that United have supposedly 100 million to spend, everyone players value is going to rocket. I mean come on, Valencia is not worth 18 million.
  23. I shower everyday in the morning, it refreshes you and makes you feel clean, on weekends I always shower after I have played football/cricket.
  24. Judging by all of these comments, Im surprised a mod or someone hasn't stepped in, theres no point in getting worked up over the internet, it happened to me before but its pointless. Husky theres no point in creating this type of topic as most of the people wouldn't have helped you, especially the way you written in your first post, my advice to you is stop arguing and just wait. As someone said earlier waiting may make the experience better. We need the warzone back.....
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