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  1. As we say here "La wea cuatica". I really like Toonskull's option, allthough, I think you should kill them with a bible, and/or drown 'em with holy water BTW, what does "Flip off" mean?
  2. Howdy ho. I've been a time out of the forum, and during this time, I've been fanatized with guitar, and I'd like to request a new signatura, and I would love one with a Gibson Super 400 Sunburst in the background (Horizontaly) and some cool letter's with my name (Just Silberio, or something). I dont think I would be able to pay much, as I dont post much now, but I have about 350 dollars, maybe more. Thanks.
  3. Howdy. I got a lil Harmonica for some time ago, and well...I wanna learn something on it, but I dont know how to make the notes, neither do I know what tuning it has or things, and I've searched tutorials on the internet, but I dont understand a thing. So if there's anyone around here that could help me, with a easy tutorial or something, enough to make an idiot to understand, or whatever, please show me...I dont want to have the harmonica in its case for ever - Hehe Thanks.
  4. Wicked, and a little cheesy, I think...Dont even know what that is. But really wicked, I am a chritian now, so I stay at the laws of god...Hit your sister with a bible, one of the big bibles. You really should explain all things that happend...And put some kinda blocker for this site in yer house, and explain that your teachers are shit.
  5. Yeah, it's damn hot here, about 30 degrees, maybe more.

  6. Ska-P - Chupones. Damn, I just wanna talk to someone (or post here), hell, I'm crazy as hell.
  7. 17 September 2008, at school, and that's my religion teacher. Same day, but with 2 friends of mine...The one to the right hates me.
  8. Guns n' Roses - Knocking on heavens door.
  9. Well...It aint a palace but its okay, we're going anyway back to sweden soon.

    How have ya been?

  10. Oh hell, you're 17, one year more and ya'll be able to drive and drink beer xD

    Yeah, I've been a long time off the place, I hope I cant be surfin' on the net soon :D

  11. We'... Yeah, I got it cut for some time ago, when we moved, now, my brother moved to our house, and we dont realy have enough to get internet again...so yeah, its cut =)

  12. Hey, I'm freakin cool man, how bout you?

    Whats new?

  13. Long time no see, eh? I missed this place, and of course, I missed my pardners. Happy new year, by the way. How is everyone? We (me and my mam') are planing to get back to sweden...Since about a year ago, but now it's alot more solid, as a friend of my mother there in Sweden is going to send us the tickets there, pretty sweet. I've learned to play guitar, so anyone that has a sweet tab by the animals, or CCR, feel free to send me it Well, that's everything I can tell now, I'm pretty bored, and I gotta leave the computer. See you soon people (Auld lang syne sounds in background), and again, Happy new year, and have a groovy night, day and whatever. Greetings.
  14. Just like Thomas, Protestant Christian, I got in a church for some 3 months ago, and I belive in god...Obviously. "Thank god I am Atheist" It is a great paradox with the Atheism, i don't critice anything nor anyone though...
  15. 1 ------2---2-------3---5------666666-------------00000----0----------------------- 2 --------------------------------------------5------------------------------------------ 3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 --1-3-555555--------0-1---3-------0-1-3------------------------------------------ 2 ----------------3-5--5-----5---1-1-5------------------------------------------------ 3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. ^ Angry Gorrilahh!!!! < Wants a Chevrolet Corvette from the 50's v
  17. Yipee Kay Eye! How's it goin' around here fellas?
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