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  1. I only read the last post on the topic, then I post some random Govno/Scheise/Merd/Kurwa
  2. I agree with that. What are we talking about?
  3. The cold is buring here...Burning Cold
  4. I consider myself mixed. By my father's side, I am kinda Mapuche (Native Chilean), his mother was mapuche. And by my Mothers side, I'm Some kind of mix between Spaniard and German (Woohoo, Germn blood, I can drink beer!!!).
  5. Yeah, very long time ago...Good times those.
  6. Banned for telling the truth...And truth is true by the way true is truth.
  7. Banned for having a funny avatar.
  8. Hi YOU DONT NEED TO FLUCKIN YELL AT ME!!! Oh, am I yelling again? No, I'm talking non-sense. You like talk non sense????
  9. ^ LOL < Has 30 seconds left. v Is a [TIME OUT]
  10. I'll probably take the first one, a lil' less discusting o.o Would you rather: Put a the cannon of a Japanese Chi-Ha in your dick-hole and shoot. OR Put a 150mm German gun in your anus and shoot.
  11. ^ Perkele. < Helevetti. v Helevetti Perkele.
  12. I bought a Junkers Ju-87 Spuka (SpamKampfsFlugzeug). When it dives, the siren sounds something like "Spaaaaaaaaaaam!!!" Smiley spam war!!!!! (And hopefully, double post)
  13. Fall of a falling building o.o Would ya rather: (Repeat my question) Get fucked by a grand danois? OR (Literally) shove a Chihuahua up your anus?
  14. I guess I'd go with drinking my own pee, it's less poisonous o.o Would you rather: Get fucked by a grand danois? OR (Literally) shove a Chihuahua up your anus? (Do I have crazy thoughts?)
  15. Listen ro Oprah, sound funny Would you rather: Fuck Rosie O'Donell? (OMG Again) Or get fucked by a RottWeiler?
  16. Is the oven turned off? In that case, I'll take the oven. Would you rather: Meet me? OR Shoot yourself in the nose with a .38?
  17. ^ OMGWTFLOLPOT < Didnt know he was this guy: v Thinks I made ilegal c0p1 p4sta!111!!!!
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