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  1. The second, I'd rather be shoot, besides, I dont know what a Manhood place is (Please, do NOT tell me) Would you rather: Eat dog shit or Fuck Rosie o' Donnel?
  2. Just here, at mah bro's house playin bro's in arms!
  3. Kan someone post the V-rokc kall where a guy kalled snow-dog kalls in? (Replaced C's with K's and K's with C's)
  4. ^ Rapes toilets. < Is husband of his pillow. v is my pillows lover.
  5. ^ Wut? < Wut? v Is convinced about that there is a political reason behind why there are so many cats in Wolgograd and why there are more rats than dogs in new orleans.
  6. No, I really think it cost like $15. BTW, it's just my random non sense. Whats up?
  7. Silberio

    CoD or MoH?

    Howdy folks. I've been thinking on what game I should get when my PS2 is fixed (Which probably will be...Soon), and I really like Call of Duty (I have CoD 2: Big Red One, which somehow, doesnt really work, thanks to my brother that never put it back on the box, and I played CoD 3 once), but I've heard that Medal Of Honor is really better than Call of Duty. I like CoD because of the Iron Sights, which are really cool But a cousin told me that Medal of Honor has better storyline, better graphics and stuff...And he seems to hate CoD o.o Anyway, I'm confused, even though I probably will get both series of game in the future, but which one should I get first? Call of Duty, or Medal of Honor? PS: If there is another WW2 FPS game with Iron Sights (If possible) tell me
  8. Pretty good, thanks. How about you?
  9. Of course I remember you Hello!
  10. I aint really fully a communist, I Consider myself National Socialist

    Even though' I like some things of the Communist.

  11. ( I dont get it) Field-Of-View.
  12. ^ Err...No? < Doesnt need to crap, but needs to listen to Elämää juoksuhaudoissa at least some 46 times more! v Wants to listen to Elämää juoksuhaudoissa with me.
  13. .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO .arepO
  14. Look out, my self-thinking-burning-cabbages are on the loose, hit the dirt!

    and the showers.

    How's it going?

  15. POKEMON!!!!!!!! Haha - For some time ago, an "urban Tribe", as they call it, apeared here in Chile, They call themselves "Pokemons", and listen to some f*cked up shit music, and they make they're hair allmost like yours xD
  16. Hej hej min vän :)

    I'm born in Sweden, in case you dont know :P

    Welcome to the forum, or shall I say Välkommen till forumet!

  17. Hi. I shanged displey neim loLzSS. I hazz 2 sheng t3h avaTer annnDd teh OMgGGg zIgnetoor omgm!1111!!! But that in a few months, when I get t3h Int3rn3tz How's the forum going, fellas?
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