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  1. OMG WTF i KAn tyEP LYK a n00B WIFawtTT trNZl8r!!!!11111///+ buT 1 WILL stiLL uZ id BC0z oF f00n. HALO WUD U LIEK A CUP OF TEA I??!?!? OMG LOL HAEV MUCH T3A HERE I HOPA THES 2PIC SI SUCESFUL B/C I LIEK IT!!11! LOL
  2. ^ Is right. < Has needs of mast..Err... *Runs* v Is going to follow me.
  3. Guide about Noobs (Found it on UrbanDictionary):
  4. Here, homosexuals also get mocked, and sometimes even beaten. I dont get why, Homosexuals are people, there isnt anything wrong with them. BTW, I said before, but yeah, I am straight, but I dont have that stupid Homophobic-Stereotypic way of thinking I had before
  5. I started to write this for some weeks ago, and have taken me long to write so little becuase...Well, I dont really have much imagination, but once I get something, I start writing I'd consider this as the first chapter
  6. Man, that's pure beauty. I really love it! The design is great, the shine, everything!
  7. Is it possible to Milk a male?
  8. How about you fuck a muffin? Jokin'
  9. *Gets a flame thrower*

    Stay still!

  10. Yeah, I've noted that (As I'm sure many people also have ) Maybe both will apear, or it will just be replaced. Both are great guns though.
  11. None of them, I just confuses me having too many accounts. I have a myspace, orkut, bebo, and only god know's how many more, but I never log on. I even forgot my password!
  12. I just want to get it clear, if I want to say "I want a car", in German, I have to say "Can ich eine auto haben", right?

    But you told me that with several things, it's different, how would I have to say it then?

  13. Rabbit, ther is a Rabbit in ma' houzz.

    Im good, thanks!


  14. YA LIKE TO - MOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Howdy. I've been searching for the guitar chords of the song Fortunate Son, and the only thing I find is this: But I dont kinda understand all that (Yes, I'm a noob). Could anyone help me with this? Thanks.
  16. Could anyone suply me Guitar chords for the song "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater, that is like "E:-----4----34---5/2----3^2". I dont want to make a new topic o.o
  17. Well...I dont know, but I'm sure he's got lots of imagination o.o
  18. And what is that supposed to be?
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