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  1. Ja wohl. Seems to like a good idea.
  2. Who the hell is Chris Crocker anyway? BTW, does anyone want to see my Really-Bizarre/Strange drawing?
  3. ^ < Is happy. v Is happy too, because he/she will be beaten by me if not
  4. Hands o.o I've allmost biten my fingers off Maybe I'd take more care of 'em if they were girl-hands...And would give better sensation when Mas...Err...Yeah o.o
  5. ^ Needs to shave aparently. < Doesnt want to shave. v
  6. What happend to your "Ask GOF" topic?

  7. I've never been wrong, the only time I was wrong, was when I thought I was wrong.
  8. In the ancient Rome (I think) they used criminals to study the human Anatomy, as with a dead body, the smell would be .... Ugh, you know what I mean.
  9. What is your MSN then O.o

    How do you do?

  10. Howdy there!

    How are you, comrade?

  11. I've heard animals are more open to things like Paranormal things ... I guess it's because they're "Clean" (No TV, no computer, no politicians, no problems, etc.) that ussualy screw your mind. About the Deja-Vu, Those seem to be pretty common. Most of the people I know have got one in their life ... I used to get them about 5 times A'week.
  12. I think we're exactly in the same position as them, we're all animals after all... But yeah, it's a matter of opinion after all ... No offence ... But I hate your opinion And I'd rather get Cancer, than letting some morons test weird thing on animals, because they suffer too ... And sometimes, things dont go well, and an Animal dies ...
  13. This topic is getting bored . By the way, I aint in the "Todays top 20 posters" List anymore ...
  14. Very good thanks :D

    How about you?

  15. And thats pretty much a discrimination, as they are worth as much as we, as Spaz said before.
  16. Cool to see you're against testing things on animals.

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