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  1. Keyboard&mouse pwns gamepads to hell! Mice are much better for aiming, so much less clumsy and keyboards can be configured so you can use whatever keys you are comfortable with (I<3 WASD lol) , and i find missions on GTA on the PC so easy whilst my mates get frustrated on PS lol. Anywhoo, back ln topic , i have completed VC 100% on pc, as QD said, it's easier IMO to just wait until you stumble upon them than to use a map...
  2. Tell me about it, one blu-ray disc (formatted) costs about 12 quid, f***in hell!, no wonder game prices are so high> bu then again, blu-ray does mean that the ps3 is a true nextgen console, a new, untested idea, and hell does it impress (i've been saying'hell' alot today lo,l)
  3. Indeed it has, i was wondering when it would return, if ever, yay!
  4. Your Famous Last Words Will Be: "I dunno, press the button and find out." What Will Your Famous Last Words Be? http://www.blogthings.com/whatwillyourfamouslastwordsbequiz/ i love mine
  5. Oh, sorry, lol i din't see the part where he mentioned his graphics card erm, i have a radeon 9250 256 (AGP) , it's terrible, but gets the job done. On my other computer , though, there was a radeon 9100 256mb, which was the pc where i had this problem. It could be just your graphics card not liking gta. I don't really know what else to suggest..., apart from get a new GC or keep on asking...
  6. no milestones yet, but i'm gonna try for my 100th by the end of ther festive period!
  7. I would definitely take claude's place (GTA3) because then i could wear a big badge saying "i survived catalina, bitch!", so for that reason. Oh, and liberty city seems a good place to live, i already know my way around, and once you got used to it, it wouldn't be so bad. And i'd get a house in shoreshide lol (WTF) my post has doubled up, but on more thing i'd like to add is that being a mute aint so bad, you could just think evil, screwed up stuff about people
  8. I would definitely take claude's place (GTA3) because then i could wear a big badge saying "i survived catalina, bitch!", so for that reason. Oh, and liberty city seems a good place to live, i already know my way around, and once you got used to it, it wouldn't be so bad. And i'd get a house in shoreshide lol
  9. If you look at my 1st or second post ion this topic, i did say that i did this WITHOUT cheat device, but later on i said that it didn't work the 2nd time, didn't bother after that..., will have to try again. (note: if you get a firetruck and use a baggage cart to get on to of it, you are easily high enough to jump on the wing, without using super jump via cheat device) - not sure if i mentioned this before, and sorry for going so far off topic lol
  10. i had this problem before, basically the problem was, my PC was shite. Dunno if you have another , better computer to play on. For now, what is your graphics card? (make/model)
  11. The sniper rifle, i dunno, i just love making a perfect shot on someone's head through the rear window of their car, especially if they're a ballas als, i love the heat seaker, for the opposite reason, no real effort required, just wait 'till the reticule goes red ...and...death!
  12. Good point, except he's just gone on holiday to malta... Shoulda thought of that before lol! Though i'll send him an email he can pick it up on his psp if he gets the chance to be in range of a network, and link it to here... THX
  13. VCS for me, LCS was an amazing game, more challenging than VCS too, but the reason i chiose vice was the whole new combat system, empires, vehicles, purchasable extra's :SPOILER (like the phil collins concert) and it's generally a more fun game, despite the fact, in my opinion its alot easier thatn LCS.
  14. Wy favourite vehicles are: Car: Infernus Bike: PCJ-600 Boat: Squalo Helicopter: Hunter
  15. I should've thought, if i'd have included all the things that piss me off in individual posts, we'd be alot closer - http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...mp;#entry100420 as you can see i get annoyed v, easily. C'mon poeple , this is an easy topic to boost post counts. I AM DETERMINED!
  16. That is so true, anywhoo, slow school computers loose change my crap tv being skint having a bad hair day being blamed for things i don't do overtly gay people (we dont wanna know, okay?) People who wear ski goggles when not skiing (whackjobs) Bill gate, hes just so damned rich, and thinks he's god.. The fact that wallets are so expensive, after you buy one, you've got no money left to put in it Xboxs (my bro will kill me Wii's (my m8 will kill me, but he's in malta lol) People who smell, and don't do anything about it, and deny they smell PE teachers, bunch of F**kin peadophiles Music teachers, they have no lives besides music, how? I hate being slapped, it's happened all too often recently... The way there is nothing to do where i live, hence the reason i play on my PC all day Will add more as they come...
  17. Wow, life must be bad, you're celebrating school computers, our ones are shite atm, but they just ordered 1000 (yes thousand) new HP pcs that are vista ready in time for its release, quick computers at school, finally (note:add slow school computers to list of things that piss me off...) my life is complete... When i get in a fight, my parents can usually tell cos my jackets ripped or sumthin, let me run you through a typical post fight conversation with my mum: MUM: how'd you rip your jacket ME:got in a fight MUM:Serious fight or mess about ME:serious MUM: oh, who with ME *whoever it is* MUM:did you win ME: yes (i am growing more modest by the day lol)
  18. If you're gonna compress the file, use winrar, rar's are generally smaller files. and errr, i got games smaller file size than this on my pc! have not watched yet, but wil rate ASAP (note:adobe premier is a pile of hairy horse shite,)
  19. Sorry, it doesn't leave vice city, but it does go pretty far out sea, like North, and east a bit of the hyman stadium (correct me if i'm wrong ) I tried this the 2nd time to show my mate, and it didn't work, so now he doesn't beleive me Grrrrrr...
  20. At first, i thought the katana had been left out of VCS, but after reading reviews, looking at guides etc. and realising it's a classic R* weapon, i thought... where the hell is it? So... does anyone know...please?
  21. I actually looked back at the post "my last summer" and totally agree with your principles, go maime you some terrorists mate..
  22. As promised more now. People who use the same move on fighting ga,es over and over People who hate VW buses Having to wait for consoles, because precious bloody america and japan get them first, W***ers (the companies, not americans or japanese) People who ask me "what the hell does l33t mean, or rofl, or lmao, morons. People who complain about other people having no life when they dont have on themselves. This dude at my scholl who doesn't deserve to own apsp because he's soooooo shite at VCS. N00b Speed cameras Necrophyliacs (dont rele piss me off, just disgust me... If you dont know what it means look it up, actually...you'd probably rather not know ) People who try to impersonate foreign accents, but end up sounding like they're from a country the other side of the globe. People who talk to themselves whilst playing video games *gazes across the room to freind* *friend says "shut up"* My selectively functioning Wireless internet Dogs. They smell real bad Being too tired to add new things that you hate because you hate so many things your head might implode BTW Bear, cats rule... , they may not do anything, but its a hell of a good reason to throw a conker at a kid's head when he chases yours (best shot of my life. I'm cruel, get over it...) More to come... still I hate... When the 'new car' smell runs out... Sticky floors in cinemas The way americans say they speak english, but actually they speak american (cant you see it's different?) English comes from england. American comes from america, its that simple... Extractor fans (?) They keep me awake The smell of cheap plastic When people dont find thing funny, but you think thet're hilarious, and you look like an idiot...
  23. Cool. Nice to know you are following through with something u reaaly wanted to do. BTW dave, 'hope you kick some ass' - the ammu - nation guy says this alot, just a coincedence???, just curious.. Go fot it AEM!
  24. Find them, tuie them up, connect calipers to thier genitals , and feed themmanure intraveniosuly
  25. Thats a real good point EJ, if he's already cheatin' then it wouldn't matter must say, i'd never have thought of that . hehehe
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