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  1. The first of my many holiday plans went brilliantly... Me and my school mates went to this chinese food place, tastiest food EVER!, then to sum cool bar to shoot sum pool, awesome night. Cheers guys, even though none of you wil probably ever see this. Though my eyes do hurt, wtf's up with that?
  2. Damn. Ah, well. But i can't help thinkling the forum will become less active as a whole over the christmas period. i.e. C'mas eve - new yrs day, bu you know, just my two cents. (or pennies, i'm from UK)
  3. People who ask you to fix their laptop, then when you do, give you a wedgie and kidney punch *cough* my brother *cough* lol, tax collectors and drugs , lol, Evangelists, seriously people, okay, jesus is real, we believe you... Morons (sorry in advance to any die -hard christians who shouldnt be playin GTA anyway, hence the violence and the gore etc.) Fast food companies. Look, i can get fat by myself, do i really need you? Though you are tasty... My echoey speakers.Damn! How long have you got, loads of things piss me off People who (try to ) sing, but f**K up the words, but carry on anyway , in the hope that no - one notices, but i do, and i just wanna punch em', and shout at them, but think i'll look like a Freak . I REALLY need therapy People who spell grammAr wrong "your grammer is really bad" That one sentence can send me into a hypospastic rage. How can people be that hypocritical? Its simply criminal... My maths teacher, seriously, get a job where people care what you think, you cant teach, go back to Greece (wtf?) (not a racial comment) and retire, that way, it'll stop me from shouting at you because i hate you so much! I've said it before and i'll say it again a) i have anger issues b ) i REALLY need therapy :thumbs THOUGHT OF MORE!: My pathetic, whiny, puny inferior feeble, cruddy graphics card, and the fact i'm too skint to buy a new one. This guy at our scholl who called steve irwin a penis, but we beat him up The firefox weather alert, it tells me its snowing, but its not! AAARRGGHH! Simple thing, simple minds..lol (sorry i didn't edity last post, had to make a new one because my internet doesn't like me editing posts, another thing that annoys me , actually! EDIT: oh, IPB2.2 seems to combine posts, yay, goodbye n00b spammers!
  4. good theory, tec9, hey speak of the devil, this guy is a pretty high level of n00biature, retaliate at him lol http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...amp;#entry99991
  5. DUDE... this is awesome, though the a-tem titles are somewhat unrelated to the rest of the video, coll nonetheless some awesome stunting here, download and watch now if you haven't already! Great work guys, keep on stunting!
  6. Do you have the correct firmware version, makes agood start lol
  7. Quality, kinda like the skin, but need something a little more... y'know...GTA? lol kiddin' had to sign i again, but no biggy. Nice...
  8. Nokia for me, i like the advanced businessman gadgetry, look at the E70 people I want One!
  9. Yay! school's out! life = now much easier, until next year, that is... Just gettin crap for my computer @ Xmas, new case, memory stick, speakers DVD writer, nd sum shizzle. Only 5 days people!
  10. Pro Evo 6 : Awesome Game, mops the floor wit FIFA anyday. GO PES!
  11. we had to watch this video as a school, about some Exam grades, wasn't really paying attention, but some guy in the video said sumthin like 'where's my pencil?' (again, wasn't listening) and me being me , i shouted 'up your ass buddy' like toni does to mcaffrey in LCS, i got sooo screwed.
  12. Playin VCS at the moment (still, since 3rd Nov. its that good), just explorin' killin', runnin' over... FUNFUN
  13. Weatherwatch in, crapville UK (bedford) its now MINUS 2 degrees, but that is balanced out by the fact that there is no more school untyil january W00T!, light fog also. (thankyou firefox)
  14. Good idea mentioning brazil, Liberty o, this could prove an amazing site for gta4. There is a great contrast between the beautiful scenery, and at the same time, a thriving network of street criminals, good storyline potential if you ask me!
  15. I'm not relly that much of a huge bond, fan, but it was good to watch, the ending was slightly drawn out, good movie! As for my favourites... 8 mile ONG -BAK (martial arts) Borat - legend black hawk down the green mile patch adams (quality. robin williams ) bruce almighty (jim carrey ) LEG freakin' END
  16. Down here in the biggest shite - hole on the planet (bedford, UK, anyone know it?) its lightly foggy and 2 degrees c, or so firefox tells me!
  17. I will try to overcome the lure of VCS to post that little bit more, starting 10 seconds ago, when i started to type this!
  18. yeah, gtaninja, they do. but werent you supposed tobe 'friends' hence the whole cesar - dating -you sister thing..? btw gtaninja, great sig!
  19. Yes , triads are very annoying, what is also annoying is the fact you could have edited your existing post instead of adding a new one, but each to his own. Also, the Vagos are very annoying, that `1 little territory they own in los flores? Its tiny, no vagos ever spawn there so i can claim it! ( on the bridge near the staduim)
  20. Life is ... normal. Got 3 pieces of work (not even started) gotta be handed in by wednesday, when i break up for christams... W00T!. Exams start in May, sh*ttin' bricks about that, should start revising really, gonna fail maths and english.. Oh shizzlemynizzle! Life really isn't normal, really bad. REALLY bad.
  21. Tried. Tested. Varified, i am in the plane now, the jets have initiated and... Takeofff!, all without the cheat device! I used a fire engine and baggage handler. View is extremely sketchy, i can look sideways, backwards etc. AWESOME! definitley worth a try for the bone-fide GTA VCS fan! W00T Edison Carter - Genius - (thanks ciaran) EDIT: when the plane (finally) lands, you can exit it by pressing triangle when the plane is on the ground. I REALLY enjoyed my flight! W00t!
  22. WOW! this is agreat discovery, noru! I will definitely try this now without CheatDevice and verify it, but awesome job(even though you didn't find it, but great on on bringing to our forums) - more TGTAP users like you, please
  23. Business.com is currently the most expensive domain name, sold for $7.5 million (hookedonfacts.com) ALSO: Al Capone's business card said he was a used furniture dealer.
  24. in the uk, if you have a broadsword in your hand, you can go up to the bar and order a drink of their finest ale free of charge!
  25. Anytime jace, personally, for fonts i prefer phil's sketchpad .com or urbanfonts.com, but whichever you find works best for you!
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