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  1. I got a feeling you would be banned.

  2. Thats right Foxboy, the Angry Gorilla has indeed returned.

    Hoo Hoo Hoo!!

  3. Once upon a time there was a pedo called RunNGun, he got too smart for his own good and flamed all the members to try and increase the size of his one inch penis.

  4. Haha you fucking failed abortion.

    Expect to star in my stories from now on.

  5. Holy...how did you get banned?

  6. Thats actually San Andreas running without the required drivers.

  7. Where did you go?

  8. Why thank you :)

  9. Nobody cares if you hate this awesome forum, you dork.

  10. Same answer as always :(

  11. Pedobear is about :o

  12. Bye TNF, hope I see you in July :P

  13. Good, and you?

  14. Lovin' the new name ;)

  15. When the laptop gets fixed!

  16. I love your sig XD

  17. Not for another two weeks :'(

  18. Is it Caturday?

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