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  1. Quick captain, before that Anglerfish eats the corporal's penis.

    How are you?

  2. Me good, but the Anglerfish is trying to eat me, help!

  3. Burp

    We must march to the kingdom to fight da King of Dildos.

    How are you?

  4. Nope, can't decide on an avatar.

    And how are you?

  5. I have the giant dildo bomb right here Kaptain, prepare to blast the giant dildo into the Anglerfish from Finding Nemo's pussy.

    How you doin?

  6. I'm good today, I've been watching CGI Animations on YouTube.

  7. Kaptain!

    Where is cheezeburger?

    How you doin?

  8. You know the drill Oskar, once you're banned from here you are never allowed here again.

  9. Me, not too good, I'm furious about the 9/11 video Chris Crocker posted, he totally dissed the tragic day in favour of Britney Spears.

  10. Hello Silberian Husky, or should that be Kapitan Kreshenkov lol.

    How are you doin?

  11. Hello, how are you? nice sig by the way.

  12. Are you actually 66 years old?

  13. Hmm...

    You seem a cool dude here, welcome :)

  14. Well 7.62mm, you tried to get back on TGTAP and you failed. Making a second account is just plain wrong dude, really wrong :(

  15. Like your avatar. Is that a spitfire on it?

  16. Lol thanks, much appreciated.

  17. Lol Thanks, much appreciated.

  18. Arrgh, Battery Life on my laptop is low and Pwtrick hid the charger, gotta go.

  19. Yeah, Pwtrick got me a girls bike for a prank, the weasel.

  20. I'm doin fine, it's my birthday tomorrow :D

  21. Okay it makes sense now.

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