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  1. You give out my MSN address and I'll beat you up.


  2. Ha-Pee Birthday!

    I had to say that now, because I think I'll be away from the internets tomorrow to visit a relative.

  3. I'm doing good, you?

  4. I meant Name Change.

  5. I dunno, I just fancy a name page, and Arucard is another spelling for Alucard.

  6. Hungry for some LocoRoco?

  7. Did you join in 1981, or is it a bug.

  8. A message from me:

    ————/´ ¯/)





    --('(———- ¯~/'--')





  9. COME BACK!!

    I MISS YOU!!


  10. I added you on my Friends list, if you don't mind ;)

  11. You're avatar looks nice too :)

  12. He will be back

    ...I hope.

  13. This is the first time I commented myself, ever.

  14. I hope he comes back.

  15. Carl Johnson.

    I was experimenting with SA Studio, and set up a guy with a flamethrower, and I programmed him to attack me.

  16. Tut tut :P

    I told you not to click my sig, now what did you see?

  17. Thanks for asking me to be your friend.

  18. Correct.

    My signature is 'Sig?'

    I'm hoping to create a good one, unlike my avatars.

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