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  1. Ouch, your stickman in that Personal Photo really hurt himself :)

  2. He got banned..


  3. Not really.

    I just put there for the sake of it, it wasn't really an accident, more of a mistake.

  4. I wonder how he got banned.

  5. Just dropping by to say hello.

  6. Did you get the money I sent you?

  7. Whats your YouTube account name again? I keep forgetting.

  8. nice comment...

    sure is childish

  9. Enjoy your time here.

  10. Dropped by to say hello :)

  11. Isn't that Rashon125's avatar you got there?

  12. Howdy, just dropping by to say hello :)

  13. I'm cool with you too.

  14. I didn't deserve THAT, you sure like picking on the little guy don't you.

  15. Thanks for nothing >:(

  16. Howdy, just dropping by.

  17. I'm waiting for an answer...

  18. I have a question.

    Why do you hate me? no seriously I need to know.

  19. Hello, Uploader still offline so Tetra Towers isn't ready yet :)

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