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  1. You only posted this 22 minutes ago... this isn't a huge forum, you have to be patient for replies and stuff. Plus a lot of our members are from Europe and it's pretty late there..
  2. Introduction thread Please search and post wisely, I've noticed a ton of topics by you in the past few days, mostly that've been, well. Worthless. Read the rules and enjoy your stay. -Sherman
  3. Happy birthday my main tan brotha ;D
  4. Yay G.B.A! Earthbounds are pretty hawt too, but I mean yeah
  5. GOOOOOOOOOO MISHO! WOO! =P Hard choice, for sure. 18 people... let me just vote for all 18
  6. Are you going to be filming on PS3 or Xbox360/PC ? Overall sounds like a good idea, wish I could help
  7. Happy birthday you ass bitten... guinea pig owner ;D
  8. I hold a steady 25..? :/ Must be your computer or something..
  9. Much, MUCH better looking. Thanks TM
  10. Just a quick attempt, the font kept coming out like shit.. but hey, I tried! =P
  11. You can't get online with those games on PS2. However if you buy GTA3 and San Andreas for the PC, there are multiplayer programs for them.
  12. Yeah, I usually listen to songs on there and like a band, and.. well. If I wasn't so lazy I'd probably go a few Alien Ant Farm CD's...
  13. She'll re-appear in a few game days, just give it some time.
  14. Sometime soon.. I'm working on adding all the nominations up right now, tedious task I'm telling you I actually sat down and went through posts and my mind to see who I thought deserved what, though.
  15. I would really say just.. indie, or normal. No offence dude, but if you're scene, I'm straight up gangster
  16. Neither do I.... Usually its just guys that look after themselves, care about their appearance a lot, are interested in clothes, keeping fit etc that get called gay. Those aren't traditionally masculine values, so people (wrongly) assume that if you like clothes, you like cock. Just to make it clear, I wasn't implying that all gays talk high pitched. I believe you hit the nail on the head with that post. And apparently working out is extremely manly while running is wimpy. I won't get off topic, but stereotypes can really go way too far.
  17. I get called all of that and get asked if I'm gay just because I wear skinnies. The way I dress.. scene, fer sure. But I don't talk all.. high pitch like? So I guess that's just what my dress is called... as for me? Naked? Damn hot. I mean. Just myself..
  18. I am only 14 almost 15 but I think my brother's friend has the creepiest love life. He is dating a girl in Mississippi over the internet and cellphone. If it wasn't for the cellphone part I'd think it was some 35 year old man pretending to be a teenage girl. It is like they have a contest to see who can say "I love you." back and forth on the same call. Yuck!! I know that clinical psychologists will tell you that the real term for love should you replace it is, "I have a physical and emotional need for you to be with me and you complete the emptiness in my life." But it is a lot easier to just say "I love you.". Don't be too quick to push them away just because they say "I love you." ask them if they really understand what they are saying? But yes I find a lot of overt mush is uncalled for in any relationship. Kind of like listening to Barney the Dinosaur sing "I Love You" 50 times in a row. I Evol You! ToonSkull I dated a girl from Florida (I'm in NC) for around 5 months, plane tickets start getting expensive after awhile. Her parents payed for half so it was pretty cool, haha. It can work.. under the right conditions. edit: Oh god. Post 6,666 xD
  19. Give us your system specs. That could help us a tad more.
  20. It's always been a tight community, medium-ish small. If you don't like it here, get out. I don't care. And that's a pretty bad way to generalize everything, considering there's hundreds of posts in topics if you look around.
  21. Sorry, we don't support illegal copies of games. Buy the real thing for 5 bucks.
  22. Last Seen: 31st December 2008 - 03:34 AM He'll probably never come back and English isn't his native tongue, so yeah. CLOSEEEDDDD.
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