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  1. Yeah, i was like. lolwutdafuh

  2. Didn't realize you were a smartass. I have a '96. So yeah.

  3. Eh, yeah. It's a daily driver that gets me from A - B without worrying about anything. Idc how fast it goes really I can't afford the gas or tickets anyway.
  4. Super slow, rofl :P I think its like a 10 second 0 - 60 xD

  5. That's the just AP1, which ran from 2000 and a couple of years later til '03 or '04 (not positive which) but the torque is on up the line. My Accord redline is set at 6K right now, the torque really comes on about 4K RPMs, and no it's not VTAKKKK I think it's just awesome seeing a car that was never meant for that -- doing it, haha.
  6. I've started on Midnight Club: LA again. It's pretty hard, I'm gonna start sticking with the bike for now. I love having the fast, good looking car, but its pretty useless when you have to do races 10 times.
  7. Its been out for about 5 years, but hey! Congrats ;D
  8. Sherman


    It was probably a false-positive. Things like trainers contain keyloggers so you can use it in game. It doesn't do anything harmful to your computer. All of the mods on this site are scanned and tested before use.
  9. Sherman


    In the united states, a College is two year and university is 4 years, usually. Ofcourse you can stay at either one longer if you really wanted to.
  10. Sherman


    He means college in America, dip. It's pretty much like Uni level over there.
  11. Sherman


    I'll be going into college, so I can answer a few of your questions. - How can you get a scholarship? I didn't enter in for any, I was too late on deciding what I wanted to do. Basically a LOT of companies / programs / foundations / etc. give them out for free. Only thing is, you have to do something for them. Most of them I've seen are essays, telling about yourself or what you want to do in college. Simple stuff like that, just start on them early. There's also FAFSA, which is grant money if you qualify for it. Its based on the current / last years tax time. Do you have to pay for a dorm?/ Are dorms free?? You usually have to pay for dorm rooms, most colleges put it in with the tuition fee. But my community college has off campus apartments literally a step off campus I'll be driving from home there for the next two years, but its only a 10 minute drive. Isn't it a little early for you to be starting on the college stuff?
  12. Chyea boy, partyin like a thug!

  13. Chillin', man. Just got off the phone talking to my good friend Danielle ;D how about you?

  14. N!tro - Back in love. If you like electronica / hip hop, I seriously recommend you listen to this guy. It's great stuff.
  15. I was thinking the same in class today. How often do you hear of bird flu anymore? Honestly.
  16. Yeah, all in all I'm not worried about it. Wash your hands, don't rub your eyes, chew on your fingers or anything crazy like that and really, you should be fine. Its just like any other type of illness to me, this one has just been making headlines and killed a few people. That's part of life, sad as it is :/
  17. It's been said that when there is a black president, pigs will fly. Now that Obama's been in office 100 days, swine flu!
  18. Tony Hawk's theft auto?
  19. Nah, I wish Some of my friends went there, heard it was an awesome night.
  20. This was at the Lowe's Motor raceway drag strip in Charlotte, NC this weekend. Couldn't figure out how to embed it :/ meh
  21. Heh, I see. Must've been hell running that much in the heat with the fatigue and such. I hated running miles in 90 degree weather when I played football, and I know I wasn't running sub-6 minute minutes. Kind of wish I would've joined up with track back then when I quit, I used to be fast
  22. Heh, the show part sounds pretty cool. What kind of times were they running? Like on the 400 and stuff. And that does sound pretty crazy, haha. I wonder if the guard will have to pay for that window he smashed...
  23. Shit gives me goosebumps every time, man. Ravenholm in Half-life 2 freaked me out, and parts of Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit) the first time I played through it. Other than that I don't remember playing any creepy games ;O
  24. Done. I'm glad to be helping, but I have one question. What're you going to use this for?
  25. Was this part of your sarcasm? Because if it was I'm fucking sick of it. Why would you think that I'm being sarcastic about being depressed? That's messed up dude, now you're starting to piss me off. That quote and this: Come off as sarcastic. Even if you seriously say that, I know there are clinically depressed people on the forums, possibly even suicidal members. Agree with me or not, I don't want this topic to go to go offtopic, so PM me if you want to discuss. Thanks, Sherman
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