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  1. Minus the text and the biker image I think it'd be pretty awesome. Add a more fitting font and it'd be a sweet sig
  2. Not really advertising, he's just asking if anyone knows what happened to it I don't have a clue man. I hate that, though. A local car forum went down this weekend and no one had any idea what happened.
  3. Guys, is it true I look like the oldest dude from the Jonas Brothers? I used to get that comment a lot xD Also, lol @ Robert Pattinson. What's up with that dudes hair? Looks like straight up shit.

  5. The details are what make it good... put a spoiler tag over the WHOLEEE thing. Or whatever, I didn't read it.
  6. Sherman


    Who's they? Welcome to the forums! But please, post in the Introduction topic and make sure to read the rules! -Sherman
  7. I thought it was funny, first time I saw it I like your drawings, though Kelly. You go to a culinary school but you draw like really good ;D!
  8. Hah, your sig is awesome :P

  9. Why's it useless? ):

  10. Just poppycockin' by here.. :P

  11. Ya'lls family eats all of that on your family reunions, L-Ric
  12. AHAHAHa, i told you. Not a real way to be mature and actually earn credit throughout the community. I didn't really watch, want to play the game for myself (:
  13. Some of it looked okay, but I don't eat pork therefore I'm a Jew etc. I lol'd so hard at the pork brains, the cholesterol dosage from those is CRAZY. We SELL them at work, and regularly stock them. Friggen' nasty.
  14. I'm not sure about the Buddhist religion, but I know in diehard Christian families, it's a very important factor. Unless the kids are rebels or whatever, the parents want them to be that certain religion. Other than that, you're completely right. Although it is obvious people do marry regardless of religion. Like me? I don't care. I will contradict my statement with going on topic, I don't really understand why certain members of the gay community fight for marriage. Why do you need to get married? To prove you love someone? Or are you trying to get tax breaks? I do think it'll be like the civil rights movement with the afro-american people in the United States, though. Long, drawn out battle. Maybe not so violent or anything, but still. It was strange for blacks to be blending with the whites, its still found strange that openly gay people are in the communities. Just to clarify, I'm not saying I, myself find it strange. Just that a majority of people I know in my area do, for whatever reason.
  15. She wasn't on for a good while, which is why most people didn't notice. I already wished you a happy birthday, so (:
  16. Personally, I think we should have an orgy in here. I'll get some hoes and start it off =D
  17. I wake up at 6 am, text Mallory (during this time I fall asleep and get woken by my many alarms I set, not thinking what I'm saying) Usually lasts til 7 15, then I get up and mess around on here a bit. Usually eat a PBJ / milk for breakfast, which is pretty awesome. Then I start getting ready about 7 45, leave the house 8:00 to 8:15, am usually running in late for school. First / Second period is Print graphics 2, we're working on our annual (yearbook) which is due next month. I usually mess around for the whole 3 hours (with a 10 minute break inbetween) but I've only got like 5 pages, out of a whole 80. No stress Senior year ftw After that's over, I get an hour lunch. I'll go out at 11:40, spend outrageous amounts of money on lunch and go to the park with some chickas. Go back and hit third period, running in late.. as usual. That would be English 4, horrible I'm taking it my last semester of school, but its fun. We do journal writings followed by these little grammar editing sheets. After I burn through those we read a book, which are always interesting. We read aloud.. which, is fun with some people reading. I can't stand people who read like its the end of the world. School lets out at 2:15, I socialize with people of course then take off, drop Bert off at the shop. On work days I'll go straight to the gym and work out. After that I go home, shower quickly and go in late to work (do you see a pattern? ) Otherwise, I go do random things and workout later in the day when not many people are around. After work I come home and call Mallory (the best friend), come on here and talk to ya'll niggaz and get some SLEEEEP and then wake up at 6 again for my over-extravagant day ;D Wow I typed a lot for this.. most I've done in years.
  18. Haha, that's awesome! I'll have to find me one of those trucks =D
  19. I ended up visiting after reading this topic. I haven't been on in MONTHS. Does that say something to ya?
  20. Take it to PM, fellas. I don't like arguments in the middle of topics.
  21. Happy birthday, young one
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