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  1. Font. Yeah i still want it transparent i just want the paint cans to be lessm bright and faded.
  2. Futurama Game. Perfect for stoners.
  3. That's nice mate but could you have the spray cans faded a bit more ,change the font and have the who is jimmy Ricard part in the background also faded . but other then that it's awesome.
  4. Man i live in Perth. I live in Belmont. What about you.
  5. Great song.Great HipHop group. Take Me Away - Ice Cube Off his latest album.Saw him and Snoop and BTNH a month ago. Was Excellent.
  6. Not judging ya or nothing, but most games that you get off bitcomet, isohunt and all them sites are bound to be faulty and put ya in hot water. Solution: Save up a buy GTA : San Andreas
  7. I got a pair of old school Adidas shelltoes
  8. Hey man. It's awesome what ya did. Mad respect. Just next time this topic should be in General Topic. Cheers.
  9. How ya doin' I mainly want the first picture turned into a signature but i want the spray cans from the second pic faded in the background and could you have AUSSIE HIP HOP in a graffiti font dripping. probs the same size as my sig now. cheers
  10. HAHA. True. but Meth & Red are awesome. Roc Boys - Jay Z
  11. If I could. I would kill you. Souljah boy has to be the least talented person in the world. He puts shame to hip-hop. Compare his "so-called" music to that of Big L or Dre Dre or Biggie Smalls or any other rapper except Lil Wayne also known as Souljah boy 2 . Ya'll should start listening to Aussie hip Hop. I mean Australian hip hop heads have been kind enough to listen to US and UK rap for years. Yet you never see a English or American listening to Bliss N Eso or Drapht Or Hilltop Hoods or Pegz Or Muph & Plutonic. Meh It's too good for ya's anyway. Back on topic. I'm listening to Da Rockwilder - Method Man & Redman
  12. Nothing beats choof. I love the herb. I would eat weed for breakfast if it didn't taste like the rotting bowels of a dead possum. Phone, Ipod, Wallet, OTR hard the buff marker 6mm nib.(must have)
  13. I've returned. I know it's only 3 images, but just thought this one is funny. My face while swallowing a mouthful of rank ass lager.
  14. Unforgiven=crap HBK and Jericho match was good and both the championship rumble things were also good but everything. else was pretty disappointing
  15. hhaahaha shutup

  16. Haha. I know.

  17. I have a great socila life.. just it involves alot of illegal activity.. but meh thats what you get for growing up in the Compton of Australia.
  18. Ivan, Your money was returned.
  19. List Updated. Ok, Ivan Just send the money and you'll get the weapons
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