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  1. Thats the best you've got?

    Fucking Dumb Cunt

  2. I see. Well then take your time....but you must be rewarded. I figure something out.
  3. Paris Hilton Nicole Ritchie Lindsey Lohan Paris Hilton Miley Cyrus Paris Hilton Nicole Ritchie Lindsey Lohan Britteny Spears Miley Cyrus
  4. No.

    1. You make shit userbars.

    2.You've made 2 completely pointless topics.

    3. You spam.

    So you STFU and leave the forum

  5. Signature. Description:Could you make something spectacular out of the following images. Render: 1 2 3 4 Font: Diploma Text: Name and LCF Colour: Greenish Tint Avatar: If you could match it to the signature but you know Avatar style....or whatever you think looks good. Reward: Whatever you request Cheers
  6. What a pointless topic. Your a fucking douche. I hope you fall down a flight of stairs. Please leave the forum and don't come back.
  7. gjjkgw gangstas jack jokers killing gay wiggas
  8. Latin Kings are also huge in L.A...not just chicago Who cares how they fingerwalk The creators got their ideas from gangs in L.A. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE CRIPS OR BLOODS OR MS-13 OR 18TH STREET GANG OR SURENOS OR PIRUS OR ANY OTHER OF THE MILLIONS OF DIFFERENT GANGS IN L.A
  9. Yeah Slayer are heavy I will give you that.
  10. There is no resemblance to Crips or Bloods in San Andreas. Yes, the game creators did get their ideas from Los Angeles street gangs but that doesn't mean they have to be Crips and Bloods. People just think that " hey , there are two black gangs in this game and they hate each other they must be crips and bloods". NO!
  11. K9 Krew

    Tree Man

    I knee about this guy along time ago. Pretty unfortunate but he did have surgery.
  12. Hitman: Blood Money. Good Game.
  13. Slayer heavy?......You should listen to Cannibal Corpse
  14. Did you not receive them?.....I sent the all through yesterday. O.o EDIT: FUCK! I beleive i sent them to Thomas and not Thomas.(I forgot about the fullstop at the end) This could be an serious issue......Somehow.. we gotta get the weapons back from the wrong account.
  15. Weapon Sale. *8 Colt 45 100$ each *8 Deagles 250$ each *3 Stinger HS Rocket Launcher 2750$ each Send me a PM with the money and the amount of weapons you want. Since there is lots of items I will give the ordered item to whoever ordered it first.
  16. Well think about it. Dukes(Queens) has the airport and queens is quite a rough area. Broker(Brooklyn) has the amusement park, could be fun. Brooklyn is also described by most NY rappers as the ghetto of New York. So gotta watch your back. Algonquin(Manhattan) Is to me the San Fierro Of GTA IV, High Riser buildings, small tight streets. Also very busy and contains alot of important landmarks.\ Bohan(Bronx) Ghetto Housing Projects. Nuff said. Alderney City(New Jersey) Suburbs.
  17. Sick. So you can look fast and speedy and crush cars at the same time.
  18. Weed. It's always teasing me and pushing me to smoke more and more and more.
  19. GTA DON I HAVE MAD RESPECT FOR YOU. The Shook ones is a dope track....better yet Mobb Deep are dope Mc's
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