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  1. I like the ideas of a fansite for T:TSCC. Here's a website that you might wanna check out.T:TSCC Before other people keep posting suggestions like Prison Break, CSI and NYPD Blue. Chris clearly said he won't do a show that is into or past it's second season.
  2. I have a cone every night. I can down a bottle of Bunderberg Rum in 10 minutes and then I'm fucked. I got laid at 14.. Surprisingly I get judged alot for this. I'm addicted to RATM. I made a mix tape of my own rap songs. I'm too patriotic. I have a pitbull I have a criminal record. I lost the top part of my left pinkey finger in a drop saw accident. I saw my best mate die in a car accident. I was in the passenger seat, he was driving. I have a fear of being hit on the bridge of my nose. I have a tried cocaine..speed..LSD. I had sex with a ex girlfriends twin sister to get revenge. "I've masturbated 9,567,492,93 times and I have no plans of stopping." Great words from the one and only Homer Simpson
  3. http://www.watch-movies.net/movies/futuram...ders_big_score/
  4. The Futurama Movie is TOTALLY WICKED
  5. Well they started the play bullet in the head and the music fucked up so he just got the whole crowd to sign the chorus over and over again and then they fixed it and they just smashed into Killing in the name of. he looks better with the dreads but the afro he has is still good
  6. Well last night i attened the Big Day Out, A Australian music tour and headlining it was RATM. I have these words to say. FUCK YEAH. They played pocket full of shells guirllea radio testify calm like a bomb fuck the police KILLING IN THE NAME OF killing in the name of made the crowd go bezerk. I absolutly loved it being only 5 meters away from Zach de la rocha
  7. charger you know i graff but what program do you have?
  8. he was in multiple hollywood films. A Knight's Tale The Patriot Brokeback Mountain The Brothers Grimm Lords Of Dogtown
  9. It's weird that your from australia and you don't know who heath ledger is but meh watever.
  10. I thought this was Justin Timberlake rage topic at first, but umm i'm seen that before. did you really make it.
  11. VirginiaTech have had it bad in the last 2 years. Pretty sad story.
  12. It's a very well known fact, but still having those dolls would be cool.
  13. K9 Krew


    Are you some goddamn retard? Gerard Just told you to go to the other topic and that this topic is useless and yet you continue to post in it. GIMP.
  14. Thats pure bullshit about Cena winning the Rumble. Such a douche.
  15. It's and awesome name. Ya think - Dazatah & Drapht. Aussie Hip Hop FTW
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