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  1. Single, but is involved with someone. If that makes sense to anyone.
  2. Are you guys all dating TNF? Sure seems like it. GTA Most Knowledgeable (GTA3): Most Knowledgeable (GTAVC): Hardwood Butcher Most Knowledgeable (GTASA): UrbanOutlaw Most Knowledgeable (GTALCS): Most Knowledgeable (GTAVCS): Most Knowledgeable (GTAIV): Best Stunter (Vice City): Best Stunter (San Andreas): Member Most Respected Member: Me TM Most Respected Mod/Super Mod: MLL Most Helpful Member: Most Improved Member: Connor/Twisted Most Intelligent Member: Gerard Best New Member: Ultraussie Funniest Member: L-RiC Most Original Username: Me once again UrbanOutlaw Biggest Geek: Chris82 Most Random Member: UnamedNoodle Best Personality: Sherman Graphics, Creativity, Skills etc. Best Avatar: Best Signature: Best Graphics maker: MLL or TM (Give em both a vote from me) Best Animator: Best Writing/Story (creativity forum): Best Quality Posts: Chris82 Best Written English: Best "About Me" page: Best Debater: Chris82 Prestige Member of the Year: L-RiC Topic of the Year: Pornogr....Secret LCF Topic. Lolz (fun stuff) Person Least Likely to Get Laid: TNF Best Breasts:Kokane...where is she anyway?
  3. Yeah, about that...it depends where you live. Also are you implying you dislike black gangsters? How can you do that when you immerse yourself in music written and performed by them? Then again, your entire country is essentially descendants of British criminals. No I don't dislike them, but thats all you really seem to hear of America. I mean if you asked a Australian person to summarize America in one word. They'd probably say Obesity or Bush or Violence or theforeverrisingpopulationoflatinoswhosneakovertheborder or black or gangster. Yeah about the British criminals, probably the cause of most of our crime problems but then again you guys are descendants of English Pilgrims. Fucking English. There everywhere. And the reason for that is because there pissed that they live on such a small and shitty island so they have to go and take other places. I mean UK fits into Australia 31 times. Then there's the English who come here and complain that it's too hot and England's so much better. If you don't like it here..... Fuck Off. There.That's my little rant about UK
  4. That's also like me generalizing USA for being gun totting, bomb dropping cowboys with a little, wait make that a whole load of Hispanics and black gangbangers mixed in there.
  5. Yeah. Chris pretty much described the game perfectly, but then what else do you expect from a country that was built and created by convicts Now if NFL players didn't wear like 3 feet of padding around them at all times, it would probably be a pretty entertaining game.
  6. If the rest of the world cared as much about baseball, you guys would probably be apart of the World Series. Countries like Japan and Caribbean/island nations in the Atlantic where it's popular should be a part of it too. Then a lot of people in America don't pay attention to Soccer (Football) so idk. Soccer is a terrible sport. that most Australian's abuse for being a pussy sport. We play the real tough stuff.
  7. A forum about rap and hip hop and junk.
  8. It's been 2009 in Australia for 20 hours now.
  9. Another song I would put on a rocket and blast as far into the universe as possible. Xzibit - Multiply
  10. Yeah USA have the World series despite the fact that only two countries participate, because you know everything evolves around the Americans. Coz when Americans aren't blowing their country up, their torturing them.
  11. Went through the whole year and didn't buy one train ticket. Which is virtually impossible here in Australia
  12. 973. Sex is better with Sharks
  13. Because you can't Upload videos longer than 10 mins.. and anything about 300 mb gonna be longer sorry buddy.
  14. Once again the rivalry between me and Sherman begins on who will win hottest member. haha.
  15. Just thought I'd update this topic to show how much tougher it is then NFL and Soccer
  16. Kangaroo tail....YumYum. Holden VS turbo.... booyah!
  17. I'm with ya there. 64,65,66 Chevy Impala with hydros. My sorta car.
  18. I'm gonna go more Scarface sorta thing. A big ass mansion with bulk AK-47 wielding Guerrilla Warfare Soilders guarding the premises in like the middle of the rain forest in Burma or Guyana or Brazil or In the remote parts of Western Australia. You get lost in either one of those places..... you dead meat.
  19. Very Classic. You got me in a Ja Rule husky voice mood. Ja Rule - Livin' it up feat. Ashanti.
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