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  1. all good, first semester of faculty is over and right now I'm on vacation so I have nothing to do except watching a lot of movies and reading books. What've you done lately ? :D

  2. how are ya ? :D

  3. I'm fine, been really busy these times, I'm on the first year of faculty(?) but my exams are over so I'm on vacation. I can't believe how fast time flies. what've you been doing lately ? :D

  4. how are you ? still humiliating trolls nowadays ?

  5. how are you mate ? :D

  6. sweet vacation!

  7. time passes me by ( not referring to the Vice City cheat)

  8. Gycu

    like kokane said LOL @ your status :))) I was shocked when I saw it, good one =))

  9. lol dude prolonged week-end much? :))

  10. fine i think, except for the exams starting next month and a party I have to plan this week ... i've been very busy these months and there are still lots of things to do on the last year of high-school ... overall a busy year start and lots of things keep coming but I nothing I can't manage, I hope

  11. Gycu

    yep, azi am dat examen si am reusit :)

  12. thanks man, it was a good one, it could have been better :D how are you ?

  13. Happy Birthday Huck! do I smell a great party?

  14. good to see you back on the forums, hope you can visit us more often tough you're busy ... iti doresc mult succes in cariera ta, poate o sa te vad la TV intr-o zi :D

  15. Gycu

    hello! I'm pretty bored right now, so anyway, how are you going to spend this summer?

  16. I'll keep my promise if I'm not at my grandparent's house at that time ... ;) anyway, I'm actually fine, school's over so a boring summer's up ahead, I might end up studying a little bit for my driving's license

  17. Gycu

    of course I remember you ;) I'm not as active as I used to be, what have you been doing lately?

  18. have you checked out the :awesome: emoticon ? it's the new sensation here ;D

  19. man you're 15 now ;)) haven't chatted with you in ages ... you were barely 14 when we last chatted :D welcome back

  20. Happy Birthday! how is it to be born on the last day of the year? ;)

  21. thanks again for the Happy Birthday topic you made for me ... I might return the favor if I'm still on the forums next year

  22. Happy Birthday! :D

  23. high-school is killing me :( I had tons of homework this week ... other than that, it's fine, started watching Prison Break :D

  24. Gycu

    any plans this weekend? :D

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