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  1. Hey Thanks for the comment Yeah some pics would be helpful.
  2. Well the only reason I don't support the voting system, is that practically the same number of people or even the same people won't vote every time. But with the Judges thing, its the better option, in my opinion.
  3. Hey guys, I've been thinking of this since a long time, so here goes. The hows/whats/whos are as follows : I know some of you guys may find it odd about the two people competing, but I must assure you it was the best method that we used on the GFX tournament at GTAstunting.net forum. So what you guys say? Hoping an Affirmative.
  4. Yo Steam., I'll change it if you gonna use it that way, if not, I prefer keeping it that way; besides, I've done some red dotty Border already
  5. Hey man, sorry couldn't reply lately. The thing is I'm quite pissed siting at home, I don't know whether its because of that or something else. So yeah, I'll keep in mind what you suggested. Btw Steam, no replies for Big Bro?
  6. I'm glad you liked my very first attempt. And yeah, got those $'s, thank you.
  7. Made it same as GTA.... you like it? http://www.imagelodge.net/imgs/toxic/Gtags...ner_copyxtl.png
  8. Eazy : The words "IN THE ASS" were supposed to be a bit gangsta' and a bit clear too, so.. Sтεαм. : Tell me hows this ?
  9. Since you didn't mention the size I made it the same size as we have on TGTAP. Comments? http://www.imagelodge.net/imgs/toxic/Gtags_Bannero3i.png
  10. Didn't I already make one? Or, atleast mention to me that you don't need my work.
  11. Thanks for Inspiring Sтεαм. I came up with something for my gang too.
  12. You mean 4 different sigs? Btw, I made a logo and a sig, tell me if you like it.
  13. Wah wah ok bhaiya i will not copy and please edit it into like not you haha please do it That makes absolutely no sense, and I'm sure it's not your logo which isn't attracting people to your gang... I'm sure TOXIC can come up with something nice for you though Thanks man, love. And congrats on getting a member Rohan. So in all how many "logos" and in what size do you want?
  14. Something like this means what? Be a bit specific, and don't copy others' ideas man. If you want something new but similar stuff, just tell me.
  15. Nothing much, been sitting at home due to the plaster on my right foot. dissuxbigtym

    What about you?

  16. Howdy Sir. My regards. And thats hell load of a hilarious sig LMAO

  17. But a dead body and blood are not the same thing. Yeah, they never were, but a dead body and blood both act as a fertilizer, the difference being; their contents and way of enriching the soil. I did my homework in some part of life, ahh those days.
  18. WTF? She's 68 year old ?!?!?!

  19. Just love the Countryside and the Desert....with the radio stations like KRose and KDST...I'm playing it for the 5th or was it 50th time..?
  20. Yeah I'm glad you like it ...after seeing all the people turn their personal photos like that.....it was about time to do something about it ;D

  21. Yeah it struck me only yesterday. Kinda Innovative these days :P

  22. Rules? I wouldn't have bumped my topic if all the other topics in the GFX section would have been left unreplied likewise. Don't you think it was needed, after seeing a reply to all the other posts that were posted after mine? TM and Steam : Thanks
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