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  1. haha nice avy lol

  2. Hey man, thanks for the Raider's MC sig you made me! But i could use a matching Avy. Many thanks ill give you whatever you want for both of them!
  3. Into his toes? In my moms magazine it just said he had heroin in his blood and someone coulda injected him to steal his millions.
  4. And how do you put it in VC? Idc that much abotu the old stations but it would be nice to have some music... edit: Oh yeah forgot to say yeah i did get a NO CD Crack And i was too lazy to go out to a store.
  5. I just got GTA 3 for my Computer and my radio has no music. So I was wondering is there any way i can put my own Music MP3s to listen too into the game or is there someway i can get the radio stations back?
  6. Hey, they're the three things people talk about all the time in real life anyway, right? Especially guys. What's wrong with rapping about it? Also, a homie is someone you grew up with or that is close to you... Doesn't mean you have to be in the ghetto You telling me you never talk about your car or other peoples cars and you don't talk about money issues or finding a good girlfriend ever? I find that hard to believe. Well i like cool cars but i like to SEE them not hear a guy with a computerized beat rap about it. NWA made it about the ghetto and stuff but then Lil Wayne started rapping about girls and money and cars. His first album was good. and now since then people have started there careers rapping about all their money and cars and all the girls. Like wtf you just started the only way theyd have that is if they robbed a bank before they made the song.
  7. I use the 'Heat' Theme... I tihnk its called heat unless thats the Tone and idk my tone.
  8. Nas - I Can. LOL WRX I love the video for Jizz in my Pants. And i Jizz, In my pants
  9. GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony and if you dont like that name maybe GTA Texas! It would be like the Badlands in SA but everywhere.
  10. It was pretty good for your first time. I liked it when you were stunting in the tunnels. That Go-Kart was KRAZY
  11. Woa i thought i was the only person in the world that heard of Camu Tao! RIP to the rappers Big Proof, Big L, Eazy E, Pac, Big, Big Hawk, Big Mello, JMJ, Big Pun and all the rappers from the screwed up click that died (theres like 4 or 5 of them and Big Mello and Big Hawk are 2 of them)
  12. I Cant stand the new mainstream rap. Its all Money, Cars and Hoes. What happened to the ghetto or hanging out with your homies? Oh yeah you guys have no homies cause you were never in the ghetto!
  13. Hmm. My dad gets me whatever I want and he tries to hide it from my mom so try that. Cause im 12 and my mom hates GTA but I got GTA 4, SA, VC and 3... Dad bought ALL of them. So unless your dads really mean I tinks you should try him.
  14. Happy B-Day... you prob wont see this you been gone for awile :P

  15. Id say it would be a tie between GTA 3 and 4 but i think 3 was a bit better... First ps2 game i got. And i think it has the best storyline. I Beat GTA 4 in 2 days and i beat GTA 3 in 2 months (didnt get a memory card right away ) but if i did get a memory card right away it would have taken me 1 month cause I Was 6 when i got it. edit:Woops didnt look at the date sorry bout the bump...
  16. I just finally got my 360 so now im playing DMC 4 and GTA 4. Cant wait for online
  17. Wassup peeps, lol i wanna try GTA 2 online. I saw it on Youtube. Can someone send a link to download the MTA Server for it?
  18. Cypress Hll - L.I.F.E. and its almost over and i gonna put on Ice Cube - Extradition
  19. -Id like to be able to have some music packs. Like maybe get to choose up to 5 songs and make your own stations. -Maybe Make Some Custom Cars and You Can Design it yourself. -It Would Be Nice To Have Some Side Missions. (Ones from Previous GTA's and Maybe Some New Ones Like Hitman Missions) -Be Able To Call Other GTA Characters (Like if your bored call Toni Cipriani) or call other characters for Missions (Like Call Cesar in Los Santos to go kill someone out in Liberty City) -Be Able To Shoot In Windows and If You Have A Gun That Can Zoom In You Can Try and Shoot The People inside buildings. -Be Able To Spray Your Own Graffiti Around The City (on any wall) And Lastly... PARACHUTES
  20. do you gotta pay money to play CS? My freind said you did.
  21. I loved Hot Pursuit. I used to play it everyday . I have Undergorund its awesome too but i wasnt too crazy about carbon.
  22. dude sorry i hadnt replied. Anyways i guess you got the right res? I love it man thanks
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