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  1. LMAO You tried to come back... Thats so funny

  2. Is it always on the same server? If not then try logging in on another server, it could be just that.
  3. Cant wait. Thanks for freaking me out Connor I actually thought you were serious about 1 week o.o. I didnt even know there was a test skin. When did you put it up?
  4. Howabout the same size as the one I have on the site? And I guess 4 will be good.
  5. Hey Tox. I need about 3 or 4 avys. My freind made a clan called Bloody Gun and, well he needs some avys with blood and guns. heres the rules: They gots to say Bloody Gun or BG or B*G somewhere on them. The main color is red. And it has to have a gun in it no matter what (bloods optional but if you dont put blood then reds ok) Pleez and Tank Chu
  6. Yeah listen to Steam. V1 is the best it has the least bugs/glitches, you can play SAMP and MTA and install mods and a bunhc of other things to it. V 1.1 and V2 cant do anything.
  7. I waited for him to get outside then id come and run him over with the car. He usually doesnt die but his bodyguards do then he gets pretty hurt. Then I come and and shoot this shit outta that paranoid old man.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dj2ui0AtDa0...feature=related Swoop G - Dont forget where you from. I had to restart firefox because I was trying to fix my youtube so i coped that to remember. Still no luck.
  9. It wont uninstall. The only thang that happened is the text when I start a new game goes away
  10. ok I got it. Now I wanna go back to regular SA. How?
  11. Yeah you can close it. I dont get the ads anymore AdBlockPlus stops it now.
  12. Games: 1. San Andreas 2. COD 4 3. GTA 4 4. Unreal Championship (for Xbox.) 5. Halo Movies: 1. WAR 2. 8 Mile 3. Alpha Dog 4. 2Fast 2Furious 5. Get Rich or Die Tryin'
  13. Woot I gots me a hotel! :D. added.

  14. How do I install it? lol yeah I know so nooby. But I seriously cant figure it out. I double click install and it asks for some directory to install from. Do I need to put my SA in there?
  15. I use FF. I was replying to a topic in the RMC Private Chat. Ill try that Adblock pro thing for FF... @ Chris' post about taking a screen: I just got another one while viewing this topic. I got AdBlock Plus just now. Hopefully it wont happen again. That was almost as bad as when I went to the wrong site for 2girls1cup and it wouldnt let me exit it. :'(
  16. Hey guys. So heres what happened, I was replying to a topic and then... It happened. It redirected me to a page that looked like the Windows XP 'My Computer'. It scanned it and it said "WARNING: Your computer has software with Trojans and Malware! Please download the (name of program) to delete all of them!" Then it kept coming up a thing to download and I didn't want to and I was getting annoyed and whenever I clicked the back button it would reload to where I was then 5 seconds later it would redirect me back there and like a million pop-ups to download there 'product'. Is there anyway to stop this "ad" because that was hell. It wasted 5 minutes of my life!
  17. I was at my grandpas for the past few days and my step-aunt asked me what movie I wanted to see and I said Borat cause she had a few movies. Man that movie was fucked up. I saw Alpha Dog. Not much more sane but atleast it had a story. I wonder how fucked up Bruno is gonna be. And for books, im not the reading type, but a few good books I recently read was The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, That Was Then, This Is Now by S.E. Hinton and Son of the Mob by Mario Puzo. All were great books I recommend them for all those who like the more violent books.
  18. Vista has ran excellent. It could be better if I didnt have a 50 GB HD . But I have 8 GB LEFT and 2 GB of RAM. Its still SUPER fast and running EXCELLENT. So I don't believe im retarted because I think Vista is best. It just happens to work awesome on my PC. XP was great too it was fast, slow and easy to use. I havnt tried 7 yet and OSX was horrible at school. Never tried Ubuntu...
  19. Thats a good thing its not gonna be like True RP that sucked. Ill try it out latter when my ping goes down.
  20. Why would they make The Lost and The Damned on PC but not Ballad of Gay Tony? Maybe there making that "Stories from liberty city" or something CD with both of the DLCs on PC?
  21. Toreno: Wee need to see what your made of CJ: What does it look like im made of, pudding?!?
  22. Highwire

    GTA 5

    I kinda noticed every GTA has a main thing around drugs. Like in SA wasnt it drugs that made Smoke turn to the Ballas cause they were getting rich from dealing? And in multiple missions you were trying to stop dealers and drugs getting into the Grove. In GTA 3 there was S.P.A.N.K. and that was one of the parts connected to the main part of the game, to get revenge on Catalina. I didnt really get far into LCS, VCS or Vice City but I know Vice City has some drug-related missions. Anyways, I think the next GTA should be around gang culture again. Especially how there new RAGE gaming engine is. How much, GTA has evolved is amazing. I remember back in 2001 when I got my PS2 for xmas and GTA 3 I had so much fun and theres GTA 4 with all this new stuff. Gang culture could really fit in there if it was in San Andreas again.
  23. Nah its not modded. And I tried the link Warrior gave me and it still didnt work >:'(
  24. Well when I download the mirror link, it doesnt work when I try to open up MTA. It freezes right after all the logos at the menu. and Warrior ill try that link.
  25. Hey im having a prob with the download. When I click the big yellow button at the MTA site I get this message: And when I click the smaller one it downloads a developer preview. Please halp.
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