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  1. I think it's San Andreas' problem, not your computers. Backup your save file and re-install your San Andreas, then see if it still freezes.
  2. Jeru The Damaja - Logical 'All the gangsta talk in rap is quite comical, yo keep it real dawg yo yo it's just Logical' I love that part.
  3. I rofl'd. He couldn't wait 30 minutes to get out of the house with the jewels and get home to check his Facebook? Lol, what a dumbass.
  4. I'm not 100% sure what you can do with this. Like, if I was the Forum Boss of 'The Next GTA' would that mean I would have to just watch the forum, like a moderator? Or do I have full control of that 1 forum and should start major (pinned) topics, and can change how things flow in it?
  5. I said the same thing, but for the last I chose 'Start normal and choose to go up or down'.
  6. Whenever I try to change my sig, I get a 'board message' that says "[#10210] invalid_ext". Can anybody help me? I wanna change my sig. Edit: Nevermind, I put the link but with the '/' at the end. Problem Fixed.
  7. Wow. Your no beginner your already up there with Toxic, Eazy and Llama. Great work!
  8. EPMD ft. Redman, Method Man and Lady Luck - Symphony 2000.
  9. If you use IMG Tool you can figure out which ones are which and then just replace the ballas ones with the groves.
  10. Mindf*ck owns this? I know him. I decided to try this out after reading
  11. You can download a Real Gang Tag Mod here. It replaces Grove with crip tags, Ballas with blood, and Vagos with Latin Kings. If you want the bloods tags for grove or Vagos just change the names.
  12. He loves it man. He went crazy when I showed him. Great work again man
  13. I wonder whats going to happen to the kids who beat him? There was quite a few. Thats just sick. And over a seat? Damn, thats just sick.
  14. Wudup my 'main man'. My friend needs a logo for his site. Heres what he needs: Any width or height It has to say FrostUpload on it (in 1 sentence) The main colour needs to be blue. You can add any other colours to it to make it cooler just the background colour has to be blue. Pleaz and Thanks.
  15. I use it for everything but Business. Mostly gaming and in second place, of course, porn!
  16. I like the Ballas for there cars and there pretty cool (besides the fact they try to kill me multiple times...). I like the Triads cause they have AK's (best gun IMO) and there pretty cool. Id say... Balls.
  17. Is the TGTAP server online on it? I just got it and it works %100 perfect. Ill see you all soon my name is highwire1111
  18. I wish you would be a manatee I wish I wasnt moving
  19. Well... just sayin but, I WAS HERE FIRST! *PUSH*

  20. jappe im as surprised as you are. This was posted back in Jan and Chris said sure. 7 Months Later... nothing. jappe im as surprised as you are. This was posted back in Jan and Chris said sure. 7 Months Later... nothing.
  21. It looks good. Just the bad thing is I made a super long post in the daily chit-chat and then when i pressed Reply it said the bored was offline :S. I like how on the index it says the newest posts and things.
  22. Highwire


    Uhm... Welcome back...
  23. OMG THERE FABOLOUS! Thanks. if you ever need pay say your price and ill get it.
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