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  1. The sites working fine for me. I've had no downtimes or anything. Never slow either....
  2. OS:Vista Home Basic SP1 Hard Drive: 133 GB Total (80 GB Backup, 53 GB normal) Video Card: ATI Radeon 2100 256 MB Processor: AMD Athlon Dual Core Processor 4050e (2 CPUs), ~2.1GHz Memory: 1790MB RAM Manufacturer: Acer Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio
  3. Its like 11 degrees here. I'm in west BC. I wish I lived there I'd rather be hot then cold -.-
  4. Highwire

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Wow this topics been around for awhile and I haven't posted yet *More cars you'd normally see in the city (Like Toyotas, Nissans, Hondas, etc) *More ways to make money (Street racing, gambling, robbing) *More enterable buildings/a mall (But only if theres gonna be robberies) *More clothes *Different weapons (There always seems to be the same few weapons every game) *More gang related (Like SA) *More Side missions *Be able to interact with citizens on the street I'll think of more
  5. For me its the 90's, since that was when rap was all about skill. Then the early 00's. Next might be the 80's because I listen to alot of Metallica's stuff from the 80's and I like a lot of rap from the late 80's.
  6. Eminem - The Eminem Show. Eminem isn't close to my top 10 faves, but thats cause all of the rap I listen to is from the 90s.
  7. I noticed them too. Theres probably some cabins nearby them and they get parked there, or maybe, like L-RiC said, its so you don't have to walk so far to get to the towns.
  8. I'm friends with Joe online. I was really surprised when he told me he was on X-Factor and even more surprised when he told me he won. Everyone thinks hes lieng about being Joe because, well, his real names Hinza but he said they messed up. Oh well. I don't watch X-Factor but 'Joe' showed me a vid on Youtube of 'him' and he was pretty good. So I was voting for him.
  9. GTA Awards Most Knowledgeable (GTA Portables): Most Knowledgeable (Classic GTAs): Most Knowledgeable (GTA 3 Era): SmokinRE4 Most Knowledgeable (GTA IV Era): Raybob Most Knowledgeable (Modifications): Best Member Awards Most Respected Member: TM Most Respected Staff Member: Sherman Best Forum Boss: Mpilk901 Most Helpful Member: Most Intelligent Member: Gerard Best Debater: Bear Highest Quality Posts: Spaz The Great Most Improved Member: Best New Member of 2009: [Joined since December 2008] Random Awards Funniest Member: Biggest Geek: Most Original Username: MrLlamaLlama Most Missed Member: crazychicken Member You'd Most Want to Meet: Creative Awards Best Avatar: Best Signature: Noru Best Graphics Designer: Best Creative Writing:
  10. In SA I liked those True Grime photos and the body bags in the desert. I don't know the Easter Eggs for the other ones but I liked being able to use Niko with Claude's outfit.
  11. Highwire

    GTA 5?

    Maybe GTA V is the working title. They could be working on another Vice City or San Andreas but not given a name yet.
  12. Meu preferido é GTA San Andreas. Provavelmente porque eu gosto da história e da cidade a mais. I love gangster jogos temáticos (máfia mas não as estão ok.) (btw, desculpa se meu Português sucks. Eu ainda estou aprendendo.)
  13. When you re-installed did you delete the SA folder from your system?
  14. I was NEVER really bullied till like there was a fight or something. Just small 'comments' from my friends. For me its like Raybob but the group I'm in sometimes makes fun of other people. To be honest, I get involved sometimes too but I cant help it everyones so stupid/retarted sometimes. It'll change when I'm in High School since everyone would be more mature. But some of the kids that made the small comments are in my group, but it doesn't bother me everyone knows that were joking around when we bug eachother. Sometimes they mean it but oh well. From my experiences, to get rid of a bully you just have to stand up. A lot of bullies can be nice and if you stand up they'll leave you alone because most of the time they're just trying to be popular. If that doesn't work, it's time to get your hands dirty.
  15. Daz Dillinger feat. Bad Azz & MC Eiht - The Ultimate Come Up
  16. You could use Camstudio. Its not for pros its for the 'new' people to movie editing. Sony Vegas I havn't tried but from what I heard a lot of the pros use it but so do the newbies.
  17. Happy burfday guys. In 2 months it'll be 3 years since I joined. This place has changed a lot and I cant wait to be here for the next changes.
  18. LOL. The Lion doesn't seem to mind.
  19. That language thing is a good idea. Maybe we could have a thing (Like a drop-down box)to select which language they can view the forum in. Like we could put 5 or 6 popular languages and when someone comes online they can view the forum in their language. Also when the person has their language on and is viewing the forum they could make a topic in their language and if we have it on English we could still see it. Is that possible?
  20. It looks pretty good so far. Dont stop. Just wondering, are you gonna change the HUD too? and the map?
  21. I used to come here and post a lot because there was all this news and topics I haven't posted in. But after awhile I noticed there were only people joining to post a question about their GTA then they leave. I think we have to find a way to keep those members coming back for more. Like maybe we could offer something to them other then help or mods.. Any suggestions?
  22. When I get cracks for my games usually it depends on what version. Like if I have SA 1.0 and I downloaded a 1.1 fixed exe it wouldn't work. if you got the right version crack then try downloading some other options. I don't recommend using Patches. Use fixed exes. If that doesn't work then just use your CD.
  23. Did the name of the server change? This is SFR (San Fierro Rebels).
  24. Your welcome. But that was from 3 years ago Lol.

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