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  1. well this is a popular discussion so i wanted to see what ya'll had to say
  2. wow that long time for it to come out but it still cool i guess you should buy a ps2
  3. You definitly need the chat station i love those. And also a rock station. And then a news station that is the order i care most bout. Then i don't care.
  4. lol THat was stupid why would the game be so small. Next time you should throughly check the rumour
  5. Dude. Please shut the ----- up about sentence structure. Why do i need it?. Seriously man why do i have to have sentence structure everytime. I know you don't. So stop ragging on me. Okay?
  6. your so immmature... but is is really funny
  7. wow me too TOO THE MAX!!!!!11111ONEONEONEI am on both and runescape. i am so happy
  8. well i wouldn't but that is your choice and i guess it might be better than nothing or it might ruin the whole thing i don't know but i won't make you sad with my ranting
  9. i would probally get it but i might not because i would just go to C_N's house and play it like i am going to probally do with SA
  10. ya i don't know i guess cuz they wouldn't be too much for the gameboy to handle it really depends ya know
  11. ya well i have never actually gotten any the most i have gotten is like 3 but then i dont' save so i have like actually found like 10. This is becuz i haven't tried to beat the game. But i might try to get it an a stragety guide. That would be nice. Never used one. I was goign to but then the one i was going to borrow some else did and they ddidn't give it back to the person (Corporate_Nothing) then he forgot about it. Oh ya i would like all of it.
  12. hey man this topic is EXTREME!!!!!!11111ONEONE
  13. sry man i just can't i already got addicted you don't understand man but i try to post atleast 5 times on both sites then play runescape while posting i think that is good enough
  14. wtf? software company come on man what is your prob if you prolong a lie it gets bigger and you get a bigger punishment that is funny though well that was a good laugh you should probally close this and is there cropdusting missions i got confused
  15. well he said 10 years not 5 but maybe the next next one like in 2000
  16. wow that sucks have a G-rated game that is really M (american) and you have a tight ass goverment its great to be an american ... lalalallalalala ya go me!
  17. alright you know how rockstars is like it is on double-sided dvd we are cramming it and stuff.Well they should come out with an expansion pack man that would be totally awesome man i mean get all this extra stuff they couldn't fit. Feedback please and it better be goodor i will
  18. wow ya'll like me you relly like me i don't go to runescape community probally never will i am still loyal to gtawh and i will play runescape less often
  19. hey ya'll i have decided to come back to thegtaplace. The story is i left when the Calvano Crime Family broke up. Over the summer i didn't really have any internet life. During the beggining of the year i went to my roots, the gtawh.com. Then my friends got me interested in Runescape. It is an online mutli-player RPG. Similar to Everquest. Atleast i think it is. I got interested really into that. But now i decided that i can indulge in both my interests. So you will see more of me so get used to it. But i will only post like 5 posts per day and still am loyal to the gtawh. So hope to see ya'll around... and yes i am from texas
  20. still if it was on the psp it would make it worse cause it isn't the same as Playstation
  21. i see it but it doesn't show any games i have grande cable and i use IE i will try again i just looked at it and it said that it is showing 0 out of 18
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