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  1. This mostly relies on personal preference. If your interested in the DLC then get it for 360 and if your not and prefer the PS3 controller then get it for PS3. Or if your interested in a more advanced online, better graphics (depending on your PC setup) and a great video editor then go for the PC.
  2. Those cars look BEAUTIFUL. I want this game for my PC.
  3. Mpilk901


    It was fun for a little bit when I was younger. I remember getting loads of money from selling beer on a bridge HAH! It was free to get and people were stupid enough to buy it.
  4. Yes, but the large amount of energy required to isolate hydrogen from natural compounds (water, natural gas, biomass), then package the gas by compression or liquefaction then transfer the energy carrier to the user leaves around 25% for practical use. This isn't exactly an acceptable value to run an economy in a sustainable future. Sure, they could research into easier methods of acquiring Hydrogen but the reasons I'm giving to you now are why we aren't doing it. Countries don't want to fully depend their automobiles on a source of energy which is wasteful to obtain and would rather wait until these 'easier methods' have been discovered. Refer to my first post. America already made their decision. Refer to the quote in my first post. Just to say something. I'm not saying that it's a bad idea (I'm all for looking for new ways to power our vehicles), it's just that at the current moment it is not the greatest source of energy to depend upon. Plus seeing as some countries have even cut off funds for the development of hydrogen vehicles, that makes some of the vehicle companies put off the idea of making hydrogen vehicles.
  5. Take a deep breath. Bingo. And as for filling up more often, would filling up on something that will never run out be much more of an inconvenience than filling up on something that will eventually run out? You do have a point about transportation, but managed to bring up the point that i'm getting at. The government telling us to do all the eco-work, but not investing themselves. Mixed with CO2 and O2? A hydrogen car needs pure hydrogen and there are only a few ways of getting it. An example is through electrolysis. However, you only get limited amounts of it through this process and is certainly not enough to power a whole world's automobiles. To your point about having to fill up more often; it costs the same to fill a tank with hydrogen as it does to fill a tank with petrol. But because you have to fill up more often it costs more to run a hydrogen vehicle rather than a petrol vehicle which probably would put off customers and the manufacturers.
  6. Hydrogen is not exactly widely available, supplies of natural gas are becoming harder to obtain. Also a hydrogen car will not be able to travel as far on a tank of fuel as a gasoline powered car, so you would need to fill up more often. It takes more energy to make Hydrogen than you get from it. Not to mention that the technology to produce, store, and transport hydrogen power at a decent cost is not yet available and will not likely be for a long while. Maybe in the future, but for the meantime it doesn't seem like much of a possibility mainly because it is hard to get. Edit: Just looked it up on wikipedia and found this:
  7. The only complaint I have about Vista is that it seems to take up a lot of space on my hardrive. From a 120GB hardrive I'm already down to only 5GB left. From when I first got my new laptop it didn't seem like there was much space. ...either that or I just take up far too much space with all my crap.
  8. In my opinion it's a real must have for anybody who owns a PS3. I loved that game. Also don't get too excited Bateman
  9. If you don't buy Uncharted then your really missing out. Bateman be on Cod4 in 3 days, I have a surprise
  10. Great news! Two other DLC packages for GTAIV next year AND a release year for GTAV!
  11. You should get it. I always either get 1 or 2 bars but you learn to compensate for the lag. I also found that if you play with people who are experienced then you get better much quicker.
  12. I looked it up on youtube too and we were doing it right. Ah well, it's useless in online anyway. Awesome nonetheless though.
  13. I lol'd at that haha. Cops'n'robbers is the shit. Was playing COD4 with TheBossman earlier, good fun. Almost 3rd prestige now but sadly I'll just be staying at 2nd prestige.
  14. Cocopops with plenty of milk. It's the only cereal I really eat. Sometimes it changes but that's only for about a week.
  15. I used to use Firefox but now I use Chrome just because it starts up quicker and it doesn't freeze. Of course, I could always re-install it but meh, not bothered. Don't really use the add-ons anyway so I'm fine with Chrome.
  16. You got a headset? If not then you should get one. We can talk while playing online
  17. It kept me entertained so that's good! Nice editing, I thought the first one was the best.
  18. Ah well, you can always give the demo a shot when you get your PS3.
  19. LOL why not just get inFamous? I heard that it's way better.
  20. PS3 Firmware 3.0: "A Huge Overhaul" According to VG247, firmware update 3.0 will usher in "a completely new system" for the PS3. This evidently "huge overhaul" will feature the oft-rumored reputation system, which is described as a system that lets users "evaluate each other" in "game applications." There will also be a new API available so users can obtain other users' reputation, and a "grief reporting system" will be implemented as well. This will let you take screenshots of the offending player in question and submit it to Sony. You will also be able to download patches in the background, and simultaneous HDMI and digital optical outputting will be included. All we know about update 3.0's launch estimate is that it's slated for a "pre-Christmas" release.
  21. Mpilk901

    Ps3 for $200?

    Great deal and you'll love it! Sony's line-up is looking great at the moment so now is a perfect time to grab one.
  22. Microsoft actually said that their going to release a new Xbox in 2010. So yeah I'd go for the PC.
  23. Sexy signature.

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