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I know how you feel. I witnessed my best friend succumb to that bull****. I'll be a little honest and admit that i've done weed, that's how him and I started. I grew out of that, but he stayed. I tried to help him, his girlfriend tried, even his family tried. But now he does coke and meth and I can't even look at him without wanting to beat him down.

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^That would be tough on you and people close to him. You see them walking around everywhere you dont wanna go near some of the dirty ones its epsceially creepy when they start to stare at you and walk by with their detering odour. And you get alot of them on the train aswell assome real trashy people who swear at their top of lungs and use comeback like "I'm gonna mess you up like Chinese food".

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Well I just got into high school so the drug thing is coming to a lot of people. I for one am not going to do drugs at all. I have some friends that smoke a bit of weed every week or so, right now it's not bad but I'm hoping they won't go far. Another thing is that I live in Vancouver and there's this street called Hastings and it's a pretty long street. On the east side of it, is a HUGE drug section, like it is scary to even drive through there. People are messed up, their lives are getting wrecked and it's just horrible to see something like it. It's a huge problem in the city and Vancouver is trying to get rid of it by starting free clean needle clinincs. This has been very controversial because on one side it is trying to keep people on drugs safe by providing them with clean needles so there won't be infections but on the other side it is almost promoting drug usage. We even had this kind of debate in class about it. Pretty serious stuff with drugs, that's why I'm gonna stay clean.

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whoa dudes, coke? crystal meth?! those are some expensive drugs in my country. :o

i grew up in a neighborhood where everything is expensive

the only drug i could buy is weed

me and some of my friends tried weed, but weed is way cheaper

i've decided to quit a month ago

and i never touch it again... yet

just kidding :lol:

i don't want to be a lowlife who depends on drugs

i will never touch weed or any kinds of drugs again

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Tobaco ain't illegal though

Anyway some drugs around the world are getting out of control, In the UK the chain is for heroin is -

Get the farmers in Afghanistan to grow them poppy seeds (herion things)

They ship it to the UK

Knacks peoples lives up

BUt you cant blame the people whoo grow it because they are really poor and really dont have a choice.

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