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Ok, i'll grow up, and say that you're both wrong when one of you clearly isn't. Thats worse than being wrong in the first place. Grow up from making jokes about ejaculation... I really thought that anyone who is prepared to have a mature discussion about drugs is well beyond that. Do not tell me to grow up, just because i backed up someone who you were calling wrong, when they were right. Accept you are wrong and move on, dont throw your toys out the pram, just because peiople disagree with you. If you are 'grown up' as you seem to think i am not, then surely you should realise that it si a fact of life that people will contest you and what you think. i dont care how old you are, as long as you are over, say 10, then you should have a fairly developed sense of reasoning. Enough?

I've done pot once, and didn't really think, WOW, i could get used to this. I'm not the kinda guy who becomes a slave to drugs drink, smoking or whatever. Sure if its all in the anme of a good time, then why not, but to become addicted cant just be because of the sustance, there has to be something more psychological about it IMO, like wanting to smoke/snort o be cool or whatever, just my opinion though. Nothing fairer than an opinion. :mellow:

EDIT : checked your profile, you're 21. You must have a developed sense of reasoning. If not, i pity you.

to: the so called MrLlamaLlama,

for your information, i never say that i was wrong, sure i know how to reason, i'm a reasonable man, like don vito corleone. what i'm telling in this topic is about some information that i believe is a fact. and if you're telling me that i should accept that somebody is attacking my argument, it is you that should be pitied. definitely you're the one who should grow up. this is not about you've done some pot or another type of drugshit, this is about me and my opinion about drugs. i believe every country defend that one's opinion are one of human right, and you are able to defend it from anyone who disagree about it. have you ever heard about the word DEMOCRACY? i guess you have a lot to learn MrLlamaLlama

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To the so called 'little_friend'

Firstly what the f*** is 'to the so called MrLlamaLlama' all about... you really think i'm that stupid that i think that is my name? like most people i have a proper name. It is Neil. OK?

Did i say it was about the fact that i've done pot.


Should you be fair and reasonable towards someone who's opinions differ from yours?


Why did you say that i should be pitied because i think you should accept that someone is offering an opinion different to yours?, and then go on to say that an opinion is a human right?


I may have alot to learn, i'm only 15, i haven't even began higher education yet. But i still know enough to relise that this argument is making a mountain out of a molehill, so to speak, and that we should just put an end to it here.

If you agree, PM me, if not, continue with your petty, feeble arguments.


Edit: actually, i have heard of democracy, it's where those in good mental health, yadda yadda yadda etc. are entitled to a vote/their say/opinion. sadly you dont seem to think so.

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yeahh mature, i like that word

unlike premature like you wu


Anyway, Ice is a growing problem here in Australia.. people pay loads for that crap..

And about 70% of my school smokes, it's pretty sad. Some people also do weed and ecstasy.

hahaha :rofl2::rofl2:

and i never knew you were from Australia well i am happy again today there a quite alot of australians on this site anyways where do you live in australia becuase the only drugs that goes around my school is tobacoo, pot , and dexies but i have to take dexies everyday becuase of my ADD but i wouldn't think that it would make any difference to some one who takes them as a recreational drug

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shut up, sit down, relax.


My brother is in drugs, well, he was he's gettin' better now, i hope he leave's drugs completely.

here there is a drug called "Pasta Base", dont know the name in english, its also called "peruvians revenge against chile", he have stolen a bunch of stuff from us, for drugs.

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