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Where did love go?

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Donald Love disappearing was the biggest mystery in GTA III besides the argument where if Claude shot Maria at the final cutscene after The Exchange or whether he shot the gun to shut her up. All mysteries could be cleared in GTA IV but I find it unlikely.

@little_friend: Just because you didn't like Donald Love doesn't mean he's a bad character.

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box? i forgot which one, where is it? what mission? refresh my memory please! :(

It's more like a treasure chest than a box, but you do loads of missions for him trying to retrieve this package that he wants, after you finally get it for him, the mission ends. You go to do the next mission for him and it just shows a clip of Claude looking around for him and finding an empty chest that has obviously been opened by Love, who fled with its contents.

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I know this topic is OLD.

But Donald Love was supposed to be killed by you.

The way you kill him was almost a reenactment of 9/11.

A man named Darkel gave you a mission to fly a DODO into the Love Media building and kill Donal in the process. But Before the release of the game 9/11 struck america. So flying a plane into a building was out of the question. Same with having a easy-fly DODO.

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