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Direct X 10 Offical Topic


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You can't just call your topic official you know..

Talk about it.. Well here: Crysis

. That is if you want to talk about the first game to really use it, and a superbe game I might add. Also with lot's of screenshots

View this if you want some pictures showing the difference with a little info about the cards supporting it.

Discuss DirectX 10 in GTA IV here.

And then we can use this for news about DirectX 10 in general and Graphic cards.

Please bare in mind that DirectX 10 is a Vista Exclusive.

And here's the extreemly small logo of DX 10


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It comes with Vista and you must have a graphic card supporting DX10. Like the 8 series of nVidia.

Yes, how do you think the Xbox 360 and Flight Simulator X work?

Does the 360 use DX 10?

And FSX doesn't use it yet. They are still busy making a DX10 patch if I'm not mistaken.

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You can, its called Internal Graphics, but you'd get the non Glass Interface, like I did with my SiS 741GX, but Now I can have the full Glass experiance with my nVidia 6800GS!

But I think that a Limited Version of DX10 should be made available for XP, like, it only will display 3D stuff, and stuff like dxdiag won't fully work, but for full compatibility you need Vista.

The funny thing is, You know how M$ were saying that they had to use DX10 for Vistas interface? Mines had DX9.0c installed over it, and it still works, and that DX10 preview thing doesn't, it says I need to get DX10, so they were bulls**tting!

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