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  1. Brutuz

    A survey for 360 owners

    - How many times have you had the RRoD? Never. - How long do you play on your Xbox 360? 2 - 3 Hours at a time, hardest on 360 would be 3 hours in 45c+ room, longest would be about 25 hours when drunk and having a party.... - How long do you wait for to get your 360 back? Didn't have to. - What do you have as a back up for bordem? No. - Does the RRoD make you wanna buy a PS3 or a Wii? No. - What games do you usually play on your 360? Rock Band, Gears of War 2. - What do you do to cool down your 360? Nothing - Is your Xbox 360 placed Vertically or Horizontally? Horizontally - What is the longest period you have had your 360 without RRoD? 6 Months.
  2. Brutuz

    Acoustic Guitar Help!

    If its not too expensive, get it for a starter guitar. Otherwise not worth it.
  3. Brutuz

    My old Computer specs

    My Old one. Cryrix 6x86 running at 150Mhz Tseng Labs 4mb GfX card 128Mbs RAM 200w AT PSU Some Random Socket 7 Motherboard 80Gb HDD (Yes it picked up all 80Gbs) Windows XP (I reckon I was the first person to get a BSOD because my PC ran too slow )
  4. Brutuz

    7 stars and counting

    700 stars: Chuck Norris helps the Cops and army.
  5. Brutuz

    Gang Territory

    Try doing the Territory Glitch (Fly for ages out to Sea)
  6. Brutuz

    GTAIV's Exclusive Content for the PS3

    I bet they got the info from teh M$ guy too though, still they say nothing about PS3, but I think that they'll have the same stuff.
  7. Brutuz

    Another GTAIV Advertisement

    Where I am, I never got any type of GTA ads, I just found them in the stores
  8. Brutuz


    The only possible way for us to get the missions is if we found the audio, or if R* released them.
  9. Brutuz

    How many hours

    4 to 6 Hours when School is on, and probably 12 Hours when its off.
  10. Brutuz

    On what do you spend your Hard Drive?

    80Gb drive 80Gbs - Windows, Programs, My Docs, etc Then my Other HDD 60gbs - ISOs 50Gbs - Backups 60Gbs - More Backups 30Gbs - Vista installation
  11. Brutuz

    Google TiSP

    It got me, I was wondering if they had it near where I was, but Imagine if it turned out to be real
  12. Brutuz

    Direct X 10 Offical Topic

    Yeah, but I'm not running DX10 and I'm not missing out on anything in Vista.
  13. Brutuz

    Fraps problem

    Did the Frame counter go Red? Recently mine won't record, it will flash red for a second and make no Video
  14. Brutuz

    what should i do?

    I only have the money on the side, and yes that is total (115) but I might put some in bank.....
  15. Brutuz


    Leave it like that, then when one of your Friends comes around, Yell "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!!" Looks good man.