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Is anybody excited?!


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Site is working fine for me. Less then an hour to go..

Less than an hour? What planet do you live on? It's suposed to be out now! o.o

Wow... chaos!

Everyone who can't access the site - there is still roughly 50 minutes to go... clear your browser's cache, temporary files, cookies, everything, for every browser you have, try loading it in each one.

When the countdown ends you get redirected to http://www.rockstargames.com/IV/index2.html so you could just keep refreshing that and when it becomes active you'll see the trailer there. Unless the change some stuff around beforehand.

Well I got all my mates to camp in my garden where I've putting up a big screen to show the trailer as soon as it becomes live.. some have been queuing for six days to get the front row. I let the first few in for free, but then realised the money spinner this could be, and started charging £50 a square-meter for lawn space.

Thats just a BIT over the top don't you think?

Lol did your sarcasm detector break? :P

Rockstar didn't factor in US daylight savings time...kind of a douchebag move IMO.

But the timer ran out for me.

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You mean you already saw the trailer"?? I'm still f***in wating.DAMN

No silly, the countdown ends at the same time for everyone, it's just the rockstar website isn't working for some poeple.

Oh,good(breathing heavily). I kinda suck at this whole different time in the world thing. >.< OH DARN, T-MINUS 40 mins

My San Andreas Can't Wait Either. I posted the pic for POTD,but its not up.

(clicky for better view)


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i thought about if it was an entirely multiplayer based game, imagine multitheft auto with thousands of people, you can create your own gangs, recrute members make your own mafia have your own little piece of land some were build a mansion for your crew, have hits on eachother, bring on attacks on eachothers gang hideouts ah that'd be so great.

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