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Yeah man, a great talk show with Lazlow, oh yeah, and don't forget one great Trance/Techno radio station, similiar to RISE FM. Yeah, it could pretty much be the same as the radio stations in GTA III, but I believe we will have much more now to choose from, more radio stations and all. It's a new chapter and all, I think there will also be new names on the radio stations.

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I don't know about that man, yeah there were the same names on the radio stations in both Liberty '98 and '01, so I'm taking that back, I believe Liberty still going to have the same names, but hopefully many new radio stations, at least there's probably going to be 2-3 new ones. And Flashback FM is a must.

Oh and, the radio station you were wondering about Alistair, Chatterbox FM.

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Really, i thought they were composed for gta3 only, for example "boys to girls - pray it goes ok" lol surly that has been composed for GTA3.

You've got me curious now, so if they are real tracks who wrote/produced "she's on fire" and "push it to the limit"?

Those songs are real...
Yeah those songs were around in the 80s, I think both songs were specifically created for the Scarface movie soundtrack ('83).

I see im going to have to do a bit of reseach now lol thanks for the info/update :)

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Man shit, not a bad idea ps3 player, not bad at all... That would be pretty damn cool... HE SCORES! :P Yeah a Sports radio station sounds pretty damn nice you know.

It would be good but I dunno many american football (soccer) teams, but if they did do a sports radio station they should put all sports in and not jusdt american football and baseball.

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