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A hippie station!

Every time they make a new game they have one radio station which is like a funny station (Espantoso, Double Cleff, Radio Del Mundo, K-Rose etc) and this time they could have a old guy on a station who thinks its the 60's and is a bit of a freak and likes all that world peace music etc. What do you think? I mean it's something new and it sounds fun :P

Oh and play have a good rock station like V Rock (L Rock :D), because head radio was crap. They could play metallica or iron maiden because they both just made new albums like in late 2006 etc. And a large range of music, I got bored of a station listening to a good track then hearing it 4 minutes later.

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They should have a radio station for:

1. Hip-hop/rap (Playback, Liberty Jam, Radio LS)

2. Techno/old school rap (Wildstyle, Rise)

3. Oldies (K-DST)

4. 80's (Flashback on III, Wave)

5. Jazz, preferable smooth jazz (somewhat like Master Sounds, but more contemporary)

6. Classical (Double Clef)

7. Asian music (Somewhat like Radio Del Mundo, but more far-eastern Chinese and Japanese music and less Middle-Eastern/South Asian)

8. Latin Music (Esparanto)

9. Soul/Funk/Disco (Bounce, Fever, Flashback on LCS)

10. News, Talk and Sports. (The news broadcasted will change as you progress through the game and commit big crimes from missions like it does on SA)

With more disk space and seeing how they probably won't use a large land like they did in SA, they could try to add 10 radio stations! :rolleyes:

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