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So when a race is on and they leave a spare car in say an open truck round the back....then you can drive it off then! it would be a rarety! (and after all, I thought you didn't want too much realism ;))

Yup, he's got you there Spaz.

Off-Topic: Oh yeh and why did they get rid of the racing cars after SA? They don't have the race track in VC anymore aswell, you can't do fun side missions :(

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I loved the infernus in LCS it looked more like a sports car than in VC.

Yeh I was thinking the same thing, do you think it will be in IV or have a new look?

And any guesses on what some of the old cars we will be seeing again? And what some of the new ones should be like?

Edit: Oh and I hated the look of the stinger in LC/LCS, it needs to be changed.

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Yes, more Pickup trucks please!

There should be the Bobcat, the Cruiser, the Saddler, the Walton and a newer contemporary model Walton and the monster truck.

The Crusiers availiable from regular pedestrians and not just from Cartel men. They would be the crew-cab version of Bobcats (larger Bobcats that would carry 4 people)

and you should be able to have fellow gang members sit on the bed and shoot from the bed of pick-ups.

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