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Victor Vance


In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, set in 1984, Vic Vance is a corporal in the US Army, stationed in Vice City's Fort Baxter under the watch of Sgt. Jerry Martinez. He enlisted because he needs to be responsible for his family: his mom and brother Lance are drug addicts, and his brother Pete suffers from severe asthma. He is dishonorably discharged after drugs and a prostitute - both meant for Martinez - were found in Vic's barracks. Vic is given work by gun runner Phil Cassidy, an associate of Martinez, who is in conflict with the Cholos, a street gang and rival gun runners. Vic then meets Phil's brother-in-law, Marty Jay Williams, leader of the Trailer Park Mafia, and his wife, Louise. Vic increases the Trailer Park Mafia's power in Vice City by fighting the Cholos, whom Marty also despises. Eventually Louise, tired of Marty's abusive nature, leaves her husband to live with her sister, Mary-Jo. Vic works with Louise, helping her weaken Marty's influence, eventually taking control of the Trailer Park Mafia's businesses in the city, prompting Marty to kidnap Louise. Vic saves her and kills Marty, disbanding the Trailer Park Mafia and initiating the rise of the Vance Crime Family. He later hooks up with his brother Lance and does jobs for shady figure Brian Forbes. When they find out that Forbes is an undercover cop, they take him to an apartment and interrogate him on various jobs and deals within the city, in exchange for not killing him. However, he gives work only to get the Vance brothers into trouble.

Forbes is later killed after luring the brothers to a gay biker bar owned by white supremacists. After securing more real estate in the city, the Vance brothers ambush the drug deal Forbes was talking about, Vic and Lance kill the thugs involved, stealing their supply trucks. Though Martinez pursues them in a Hunter helicopter and attempts to destroy the trucks, the Vances easily make it to the other half of the city. Afterwards, Victor calls Martinez to tell him how it feels to be back stabbed, Jerry calls Vic a moron and states the Mendez Brothers, Armando and Diego, were behind the deal and will kill all those that took part in it, even Martinez himself. Vic and Lance eventually decide to work for the Mendez brothers, further increasing their influence in the city. At first it suggested that the Mendez brothers want an alliance with Vic and Lance, however it turns out later that the Mendez brothers offer Victor a deal: give up all his businesses to their criminal organization, or he, Lance and Louise will be killed. Victor refuses to give up his interests after working with the Mendez brothers, and in retaliation they knock Lance and him unconscious when their guard is down, kidnapping them. The Vance brothers wake up in an oil refinery in Viceport, and while attempting to escape, Armando Mendez's men accidentally shoot at one of the gas tanks, causing it to explode. While this kills most of the henchmen, Lance is trapped in the inferno and separated from Vic. Luckily, Vic manages to save Lance before the oil refinery implodes. With Phil, Lance and Umberto Robina's help, the Vance Crime Family defend their businesses from being attacked by the the Mendez brothers' goons. However, Louise is kidnapped by Martinez and beaten viciously before Vic saves her. Martinez says he will see Louise soon, later on Armando Mendez' men once again capture Louise, this time Armando murders her. In a rage, Vic slaughters Armando's bodygaurds and enters the Mendez mansion to confront Armando. Victor askes where Lance and Louise are, Armando replies that they are resting upstairs... in peace, however he tells Vic they didn't feel a thing and pulls out a flamethrower to kill Victor, saying that unfortunately the same won't be said for him, Vic then kills Armando and finds Louise dying, he tells her she will be taken to a hospital but she says there will be no need, shortly after a talk with Vic she dies. Soon after, with the aid of drug lord Ricardo Diaz and gun runner Phil Cassidy, he uses a Hunter to attack the Mendez compound and finally kills both Martinez and Diego. After these harrowing experiences, Vic and Lance both decide to leave Vice City for several years in order to lay low and live off of their drug money out of town.

Lance Vance


Lance Vance is Victor Vance's younger brother. He was first mentioned by messages via pager to Vic by Aunt Enid. He is also mentioned by Vic in the opening cutscene, saying that Pete is sick with asthma, and that Lance is sick in another way (suggesting his cocaine addiction or possibly mental illness). Lance arrives from his home (which is not stated) to share Victor's rise to power. Vic says no, knowing full well Lance's penchant for falling into trouble, but he eventually agrees to work with him. Lance makes contact with drug dealer Brian Forbes, who is really an undercover cop from the Vice City Police Department. After finding this out, Lance decides not to kill Forbes, hoping that holding him captive would force him to divulge the locations of numerous drug deals around the city (Victor eventually kills Forbes when he tries to escape, after Forbes tricks the brothers twice with false information, even leading them to a gay white supremacist biker bar).

Lance Vance with new clothing.Lance then suggests stealing a shipment of cocaine belonging to Martinez, a deal discovered in one of Forbes' files. Vic and Lance kill the dealers and steal two trucks filled with coke, managing to escape to the other side of Vice City. The successful heist puts the Vance brothers on the underworld map for the right and wrong reasons: right, because they are now rich with drug money, and wrong, because the shipment actually belonged to the powerful and ruthless Mendez Cartel (Martinez was just helping them smuggle it). Lance immediately begins spending massive amounts of money (buying a flashy suit, buying his signature white Infernus from Vice City, buying a mansion for himself and a posh apartment for Vic) before the Vances even sold any of the cocaine, putting them so deep in debt that he argues that they really have no choice but to become drug dealers in order to pay everything off.

Lance promises a furious Victor that he will deal with the Mendez problem and actually manages to form an alliance with the Mendez brothers by framing Martinez for stealing the cocaine. Lance begins taking cocaine himself, but hides his addiction from Vic. When Vic becomes suspicious after some of their own cocaine goes missing, Lance lies and says the missing coke was stolen by a biker gang, but the truth is soon discovered. Lance also establishes ties with Ricardo Diaz under the alias "Quentin", presumably to prevent Vic or the Mendez brothers from finding out (Ricardo still knows him as Quentin during Vice City). When a war breaks out between the Vance and Mendez empires, Lance recruits Phil Cassidy and Umberto Robina to help defend their businesses, a decision that Vic actually compliments him on.

In the mission "Light my Pyre", Lance says Louise is a drug addict and explains that he only does it for fun, stating there's a difference. When Victor learns that Louise has been kidnapped by Armando Mendez from Mary-Jo, Lance shows no feelings for her, saying that she's better off dead. Lance only joins Victor after Armando when his henchmen destroy his car with a rocket launcher. He recklessly drives a motorcycle to the Mendez mansion to kill him, ignoring thugs shooting at him in cars. Lance then attacks Armando head on, even with a large amount of bodyguards blocking his way. After Louise dies, he tells Victor that she wasn't right for him and that family is what matters most (implying himself).

At the end of the game, Lance arrives at the Mendez penthouse to back up Vic for the final confrontation, but he arrives so late that the shootout is already over. Lance mentions that he got his hands on "twenty keys of coke," but Vic refuses to sell it. There is a good chance that this is the same twenty keys that Tommy Vercetti was sent to Vice City to buy.

Umberto Robina


Umberto Robina has also reappeared in Vice City Stories, with roughly the same role. Umberto Robina was featured as the head of the Cuban gang in Vice City, which has been renamed "Los Cabrones" in Vice City Stories. As the leader of Los Cabrones, he sends Victor on missions to wipe out his most hated gang, the Cholos (which replaced the controversial Hatian gangs in Vice City due to public backlash). Like his appearance in Vice City, Umberto is obsessed about how much "Cojones" (referring to both the courage and the actual testicle size) his comrades usually have. Victor saves his father from the Cholos in one of Robina's missions. Umberto, along with Phil Cassidy and two Cuban men, help Lance and Vic defend their businesses from assaults by the Mendez Brothers' henchmen in one of the last missions of the game. It is the only time that Umberto actually does "dirty work".

He is once again voiced by Danny Trejo.

Ricardo Diaz


Ricardo Diaz, the paranoid drug boss killed in Vice City by Tommy Vercetti and vengeful Lance Vance for the ambush which resulted in the death of Lance's brother, reappears in Vice City Stories.

The burden of empire seemed to have worsened Diaz's mental stability in Vice City; He is much more cordial and laid-back in 1984, while he is still an aspiring drug baron. Seeking help to survive the wrath of the Mendez brothers, Lance Vance gets in contact with Diaz through a regular customer, Reni Wassulmaier. Despite his brother Victor's reservations, they forge an alliance with Diaz, who promises his protection in exchange for helping to strengthen his empire. Diaz's missions mostly revolve around liquidating his chief rivals in the drug trade, the Mendez brothers, who are the main obstacles standing between Diaz and domination over the cocaine in Vice City. Thanks to the Victor's successes, Diaz achieves his dream and becomes one of the most powerful men in Vice City with the Mendezes gone. By realizing Diaz's ambitions, Vic Vance ironically seals his own fate when an increasingly unstable Diaz arranges his assasination in 1986.

Diaz also trades drugs for guns with the DEA, using merchandise stolen from Gonzales, another rivel. Diaz later orders Gonzales to join him or die -- a move that eventually leads to Gonzales's demise, as he leaks Diaz inside knowlege of Tommy Vercetti's drug buy in 1986, resulting in Colonel Cortez punishing his insubordination with death.

Throughout most of his cutscenes Diaz is seen using cocaine, whether it's for his own use or to test it's quality. Vic tells Diaz that the coke is affecting his brain.

Diego Mendez and Armando Mendez


Diego and Armando Mendez are the two biggest cocaine dealers in Vice City. Diego is the more quiet of the two and only speaks Spanish, while the more charismatic Armando acts as the "face" of the organization. Reni implies that he/she had relations with Diego.

Victor and Lance find themselves on the Mendezes' radar when they mistakingly steal a cocaine shipment belonging to them. Vic and Lance are brought before Armando and Diego to explain themselves; Faced with certain death, Lance lies and claims Jerry Martinez stole the coke. The Vances manage to frame Martinez to prove their claim, but Armando refuses to let them off the hook so easily, forcibly making them "partners" -- although it is clear that the partnership is merely a way for Armando and Diego to use Vic and Lance to do their dirty work and even take the fall for them if necessary.

Once their debt with the Mendezes is clear, the Vances are summoned to the Mendez compound one last time and told that they are being set "free"; An added stipulation is that the two leave Vice City and hand over all of their business to the Mendez Cartel. When Lance and Vic protest, they are knocked unconscious and taken to a fuel depot to be executed. This proves to be a major mistake when both Vance brothers escape and the fuel pipes are ruptured by gunfire, setting the enitire depot ablaze and engulfing Armando's men.

Following their escape, the Vances realize they are at war with the Mendez brothers (a situation they had feverishly been trying to avoid). Although their businesses are soon under siege, Vic and Lance join forces with Roberto Robina's gang and successfully repel the attacks. Despite this, Lance knows they need more than ordinary backup if they want to survive this. The Vances ally themselves with Ricardo Diaz, a Mendez rival.

Armando Mendez owns a Domestobot, which cleans his mansion on command. Vic takes control of it via remote and uses it to destroy Armando's bearer bonds. Vic later kills Armando, along with much of his bodyguards, after the Mendez Cartel kidnaps Louise. In the final mission, Vic - in a Hunter helicopter - attacks the Mendez compound in Downtown killing much of the bodyguards. He is shot down, but manages to land safely and make it to the rooftop, where he kills Diego (and Martinez) during a three-way shootout between the men.

Marty Jay Williams

Marty Jay Williams appears to be the head of the "Trailer Park Mafia." The Trailer Park Mafia dominate a wide range of criminal activities in Vice City's poor communities, such as drugs, prostitution, and protection rackets. Victor works for Marty near the beginning of the game. He is a stereotypical redneck - he has a thick accent, is a drunk, is believed to be inbred, and he verbally and physically abuses his wife, Louise. Vic is mostly disgusted by Marty's antics. He is the brother-in-law of Phil Cassidy and Mary Jo Cassidy. Louise eventually attempts to move out, but Marty kidnaps her. Vic tracks him down and kills him before he can get to his hideout. After Marty's death, Vic acquires all of the Trailer Park Mafia's businesses as his own. He is also known as a huge gun and drug runner causing many problems with local gangs.

Marty is voiced by Jim Burke.

Sgt. Jerry Martinez

Sergeant Jerry Martinez is one of Vic's commanding officers at the Fort Baxter Air Base. Martinez the second character introduced in the game (after Vic), giving Victor the game's first missions.

Martinez does not take his position seriously and is generally a man of loose morals as can be seen when he is watching a Candy Suxxx animal porn movie. In the first mission of the game, Martinez orders Victor to get a shipment of drugs for him and hide them in the barracks. He introduces Vic to Phil, as a supplier of guns. Later, he tells Victor, who is very uneasy about housing the drugs, that he will collect the marijuana once Victor picks up his "Girlfriend" (a prostitute). When Victor arrives at Fort Baxter however, he is confronted by a drill sergeant who informs him that they found the drugs and question him about the prostitute in his car. Victor is given a dishonorable discharge from the Army.

When Martinez's business partner Phil threatens to sever their relationship, Martinez shows his vindictive side again when he betrays him, sending both Vic and Phil to be ambushed by gangsters. Martinez later works for the Mendez brothers, overseeing their shipment of cocaine arriving into Vice City. When the cocaine is stolen by Victor and Lance, Martinez realizes his days are numbered and enters into witness protection to escape the wrath of the Mendez bros. In retaliation for forcing him to turning state's evidence, Martinez kidnaps Vic's girlfriend Louise and beats and rapes her (revealed in a beeper message after the end of the mission) before leaving her with his men.

Martinez appears on last time on the roof of th Mendez penthouse, alongside the surviving brother Diego. Victor slays the both of them and spits on Martinez's corpse before Lance arrives.

Phil Cassidy


Phil Cassidy, a recurring character in recent Grand Theft Auto games, appears in Vice City Stories, serving as a weapons expert and dealer throughout the Grand Theft Auto series. He offers Victor Vance his old residence, after Vic kills the Cholos there. Additional information on him reveals he is a war veteran who has served "with distinction" in several unspecified wars, has a strong sense of patriotism towards the United States, but has been dishonorably discharged from the catering corps, which he cited was the cause of his inability to find a job and his eventual involvement into crime,[1] and exhibiting symptoms of survivor guilt over a friend who died in Vietnam.

Phil is revealed in Vice City Stories to have two sisters, Louise Cassidy-Williams and Mary-Jo Cassidy. He also reveals that his father used to beat him, especially when he suspected that Phil was attracted to his own sister or cousin, even though he wasn't. He has his shooting range/weapons depot in Viceport next to the boatyard and is revealed that within that timeframe, Victor probably gave his residence in Little Haiti which became Phil's gun shop in GTA: Vice City circa 1986.

Phil would later lose one arm in an explosion two years later in Vice City. This would be the fourth Grand Theft Auto game Phil is to appear. Phil is voiced again by Gary Busey, who was also Phil's voice in Vice City, but not in Grand Theft Auto III or Liberty City Stories. Phil is one of those few people that help the protagonist through the game by not betraying them and making it through all the games in the Grand Theft Auto series. He also owns a gun store (Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop) in Liberty City.

Louise Cassidy-Williams


Louise Cassidy-Williams is the sister of Phil Cassidy and the wife of Marty Jay Williams, the Trailer Park Mafia's leader (as mentioned by Phil Cassidy, by way of Vic's pager) whom Vic killed after he kidnapped Louise. Louise acts as a love interest to Vic during the game, although their relationship is very rocky later on. She is kidnapped by Martinez and his men takes her to a lobby where Victor finds her savagely beaten. A beeper message after the end of the mission reveals that Martinez raped her. Louise is killed by Armando after Armando's men kidnap her and took her to the Mendez brothers' mansion. She is shot several times by Armando and before she died, she tells Vic that she wished she and Vic had a relationship, to which Vic replied they did have something, and also told Vic that she wanted Mary-Jo to take care of her baby daughter. It is unknown what happens to her baby daughter, but she was most likely sent to Louise's sister, Mary-Jo.

Bryan Forbes


Bryan Forbes is an undercover agent for the FBI according to the Vice City Stories official website (In the mission "Snapshot Longshot" his ID Card states he is a DEA Agent). His white suit and pink shirt resemble those of Sonny Crockett from the 1980s Miami Vice television series.

Lance makes contact with the mysterious "Forbes" while searching for a way into the drug trade. Forbes acts a an employer for Victor and Lance while posing as an upscale drug dealer. He proposes that if Vic is uncomfortable with dealing drugs, that he and Lance simply steal some from smugglers coming in from other countries. Forbes is cunning enough to trick the police into following Vic in a decoy van, while he and Lance offload the real shipment in an identical one. Not much is revealed about Forbes, but he is visibly frowning when the Vance brothers leave his apartment, indicating that he is unhappy with what he is doing.

Lance eventually figures out that Forbes is an undercover cop and threatens him at gunpoint, but Forbes insists that he needs money and that isn't he interested in busting them. When his pleas fail to convince Lance, Forbes breaks free and escapes; Lance and Victor manage to capture him and take him to an abandoned building, where they tie the bloodied DEA Agent to a chair for interrogation.

Forbes uses false info to lead the Vances into numerous traps, culminating in Lance and Vic unwittingly walking into a white supremacist gay bar (The White Stallion). Forbes somehow gets free while the Vances race back to the warehouse, and Victor is left with no choice but to kill him. Lance did not have any intention of killing him because he did not yet reveal where a big cocaine shipment was. However, Lance soon learns that Martinez will be overseeing the shipment, and he and Vic plot to seize it.

Reni Wassulmaier


Reni Wassulmaier is a transsexual avant-garde film director from Germany. Throughout most the game she is a man before getting her fourth sex change operation at the end of her arc. She is known for shooting avant-garde art films which include child torture in a Berlin pizza parlor and a rhinoceros making love to a neon sign. Reni moved her entire production company to Vice City, where she produces commercials and "edgy" pop music videos. Vic becomes Reni's coke dealer through to his other client, Spitz (another film director). Vic also acts as Reni's stunt driver. The Mendez Cartel eventually attacks Reni as she drives to the hospital to get another sex change operation, but is saved by Vic and makes it to the hospital. She has a complete sex change and abandons advertising for the exotic adult film industry in Europe, while Vic questions Reni's manly parts, such as her large hands. It seems she took a liking to Vic even calling him her "Nubian Adonis." Reni implies that she had sexual experiences with Barry and Diego, even saying that she had a relationship with Diego. It is also implied that she had sexual experiences with Giorgio.

Reni was previously heard as a DJ for Flashback FM in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, which takes place in 1998.

Mary-Jo Cassidy


Mary-Jo Cassidy is Phil Cassidy's obese second sister. She seems to be desperate for attention from anyone. She appears to have a crush on Vic, but this is not elaborated upon. She also seems to be envious of Louise since she manages to win Vic's attention, and is also upset that criminals kidnap Louise instead of herself in order to get to Vic, at the end of a cutscene for "Light my Pyre" she says to herself "One day it will be me", earlier she also goes on talking about how Armando wanted her because Latin men love women of her type. It is implied that she ends up taking care of Louise's baby daughter when Louise is killed.

Alberto Robina

Making his second, but short, appearance in Vice City Stories, Alberto Robina is the father of the Cuban (Los Cabrones) gang leader, Umberto Robina. His only appearance was in one of Umberto's missions "Papi, Don't Screech", where Victor had to pick up Alberto from a wrestling match in Downtown, and drive him back to Robina's Cafe, without being seen by the Cholo gang. It is revealed in this mission that Alberto has a heart condition.

Janet Vance

Janet Vance is the drug-addicted mother of the Vance brothers. Since she was not fit to be a parent, her children lived with their Aunt Enid. Janet appears in a cutscene with her boyfriend Javier swearing she would never take drugs, only to end up stealing her sons' stash of cocaine. She is white American, thus implying the father was Dominican.


Spitz is a well know "Z-List" movie director seen often filming scenes around Vice City for various movies. During the events of the Vance Brothers, he is currently filming a new Zombie horror film called "Mall Munchers" which is filmed on set at the North Point Mall late at night. Victor Vance offers his services as a stunt double for a scene for Spitz while Lance tries to bond a deal between the two in selling the Vances' prized stash of drugs. The deal goes through and Spitz later refers Vic to Reni via beeper.



Frankie is Reni's assistant for his/her advertising company based in InterGlobal Studios. Frankie is later fired for not "spanking" Reni and satisfying "his" pleasure. Even though Frankie is told that he is fired, he is seen again with Reni watching an on set rehearsal during the mission, "Say Cheese".


Gonzales is the right hand man of Colonel Cortez, and is already showing signs of severe disloyalty. Gonzales reveals to Vic Vance tha he routinely skims some of Cortez's cocaine to make a side profit. He claims to learn a lot about a man by the way that he plays golf. Vic works for Gonzales briefly, but Gonzales cuts off his relationship with Vic after a large amount of cocaine he stole from Cortez was almost stolen by others.

After Gonzales has some hairy encounters with drug baron Ricardo Diaz, Diaz blackmails him: Gonzales must tell him about all of Cortez's shipments going down in Vice City, and in return, Diaz will keep quiet about Gonzales' thievery of Cortez's coke. This explains how Diaz knew about and ambushed Tommy Vercetti's drug deal in Vice City, since Cortez was the one who arranged it.

After allying with Diaz, Gonzales leaves town via the airport and is attacked by the Sharks en route. The reason for the Sharks attack is unknown, but it is suggested that Gonzales had unsettled business with the Sharks.

Phil Collins


Singer Phil Collins is the first real-life celebrity to appear in person in the Grand Theft Auto series. Most celebrities have been spoofs of themselves while others were only mentioned and/or credited in-game for their songs.

Phil Collins is introduced to Vic in Vice City Stories by Barry Mickelthwaite, his manager and an associate of Reni. Barry owes Giorgio Forelli 3 million quid but is unable to pay, so Giorgio decides to call a hit on Barry's client in retort. Barry hires Vic to escort his client in a bullet-proof limousine to his hotel. The client is revealed to be Phil Collins. The three missions, "Kill Phil", "Kill Phil, Part 2" and "In the Air Tonight" sees Vic trying to protect Collins from Forelli hitmen. An in-game sequence of Collins singing "In the Air Tonight" (during the mission of the same name) incidentally was featured in the pilot episode of Miami Vice. The sequence can be viewed anytime after the mission is complete.

Barry Mickelthwaite

Barry Mickelthwaite is Phil Collins' manager in the game. It is implied in one mission that he had a sexual experience with Reni in Monaco after becoming heavily drunk of alcohol. He also owes Giorgio Forelli (who is also mentioned in Vice City) money, which puts Phil's life in danger, but he refuses to call the police because he considers Vice City "bandit country." Barry has an accent which suggests he is from Birmingham. As far as managers go, he is of poor quality, putting Phil's life on the line just so he doesn't end up with a concrete overcoat. Phil is very fortunate to have Victor become their personal bodyguard as Vic manages to save Phil many times throughout his stay in Vice City. After Reni's fourth sex change he/she tells Barry he should have breast implants and after the mission "In the Air Tonight", Phil goes on to say Barry should have taken Reni's advice.

Mary-Beth Williams

Mary-Beth is the new born baby from Louise and Marty that appears a few times in the game. It is thought that after both her parents die her aunt Mary-Jo takes care of her. She is the only minor to appear in the Grand Theft Auto series.


Bare Fist

Brass Knuckles

Police Baton (PR-24)

Baseball Bat

Butterfly Knife



Golf Club



Gaff Hook

Beretta 92FS

Colt Python + Scope

Pump Action Shotgun










Sniper Rifle

Sniper Scope Rifle

Flame thrower

Rocket launcher






Molotov Cocktail

Hand Grenade

Remote Grenade


Tear Gas




Cuban Hermes














Police Maverick

Cholo Sabre






VCPD Wintergreen


Biker Angel




















Gang Rancher





Blista Compact




Barracks OL

FBI Rancher

FBI Washington


VCPD Cheetah

VCPD Enforcer


Air Ambulance


Little Willie

Sea Sparrow


VCN Maverick














Mr Whoopee

Splitz-6 ATV





Radio Stations:


Wave 103


Paradise FM


Fresh 105


Flash FM

Emotion 98.3


Army Fatiguespost-9264-1175722016.jpg



Trailer Trashpost-9264-1175722118.jpg

Cuban Stylepost-9264-1175722138.jpg

Pastel Suitpost-9264-1175722157.jpg



Hired Musclepost-9264-1175722289.jpg


Smuggler post-9264-1175722331.jpg

Smart Suitpost-9264-1175722357.jpg


Wet Suitpost-9264-1175722397.jpg


Vice City, 1984. Opportunity abounds in a city emerging from the swamps, its growth fueled by the violent power struggle in a lucrative drugs trade. Construction is everywhere as a shining metropolis rises from foundations of crime and betrayal.

As a soldier, Vic Vance has always protected his dysfunctional family, his country, himself. One bad decision later and that job is about to get much harder. Kicked out onto the streets of a city torn between glamour and gluttony, Vic is faced with a stark choice - build an empire or be crushed."


post-9264-1175567322.jpg post-9264-1175567356.jpg post-9264-1175567393.jpg

post-9264-1175567226.jpg post-9264-1175567280.jpg post-9264-1175567480.jpg post-9264-1175582197.jpg post-9264-1175582322.jpg post-9264-1175582361.jpg post-9264-1175582392.jpg post-9264-1175582428.jpg post-9264-1175582463.jpg post-9264-1175582501.jpg post-9264-1175582562.jpg post-9264-1175582602.jpg post-9264-1175582639.jpg post-9264-1175582679.jpg post-9264-1175582727.jpg


post-9264-1175567626.jpg post-9264-1175567723.jpg post-9264-1175567758.jpg

post-9264-1175567784.jpg post-9264-1175567811.jpg post-9264-1175567835.jpg

post-9264-1175567855.jpg post-9264-1175567881.jpg post-9264-1175567917.jpg post-9264-1175582763.jpg post-9264-1175582798.jpg post-9264-1175582826.jpg post-9264-1175582870.jpg post-9264-1175582906.jpg post-9264-1175582927.jpg post-9264-1175582947.jpg post-9264-1175582973.jpg post-9264-1175583007.jpg


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