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GTA4 Tidbits and Videos


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Over the last few days a fair amount of small discoveries have been made, and a few fan made videos have been cropping up. This post is simply to round them all up into one article to keep you all informed and up to date.

  • First of all, credit to our friend Jordan (PlanetGTA) for keeping his Shot-by-shot breakdown article of the first trailer up to date. An interesting read, you may find there's a few things you missed when you first watched the trailer. Jordan also created a nice little GTA Wii video for April Fools using GTA3 footage, check that out if you haven't already seen it.
  • The second update seems to confirm the time period the game takes place in. While it's clearly modern day from looking at vehicles and such, PatrickW noticed that you can see what appears to be a replica of the Hearst Tower (Wikipedia) in the trailer and circled in this screen cap. The interesting point about this is that it was completed in early 2006, suggesting the game will be set no earlier than that.
  • GTA3Rockstar, a member at GTAForums noticed that behind the "Screamer" rollercoaster there appears to be a ferris wheel (see video) while watching the GTA4 trailer. This isn't exactly anything big, but it's nice novelty. It's safe to say it will most likely be ridable, Vice City Stories introduced ferris wheels to the series not too long ago, and even the one in that game was ridable.
  • One of the more popular topics in our GTAIV forum is discussion about the new protagonist. Some have suggested that Vladimir Mashkov (you may have seen him in Behind Enemy Lines) could be playing this role. While there is no hard evidence to support this, he seems to be an appropriate choice, it is likely we'll find out the actor in this month's GameInformer magazine which we posted about recently.
  • Finally, Allen05 has used his spare time to compile a selection of video clips from YouTube. From these he's put together a real life spoof of the first GTAIV trailer, you can view his creation below.

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Wow, surprising that there's only one response :o Anyway, nice compilation of work Chris, I've seen a couple of them. It sounds great that it is going to be really up to date with 2006 and no earlier, saw the ferris wheel by myself, I also wondered if Vladmir Mashkov was doing the voice for the new protagonist. I especially like the real life spoof of the trailer. :P

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I think it will be interesting if Vladimir Mashkov does decide to play that role, he could bring a whole new dimension to how the main character will be portrayed - he might be despised by people for example. The Wii video is genius, I watched it a few days ago, and the real life video isn't bad either, the shadows were especially good.

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