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Jack thompson and Dr phil blame games for virginia shootings.


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JT is an insensitive ****. Last thing people want is some sub-standard human being criticising videogames for the murders. These people want to mourn friends, family etc. Hassle from politicians is making the whole situation worse. If he even had the slightest argument (which he doesn't) any decent person would wait a while before bringing it up in pubic.

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Yeah, that was definitely a rather asshole move on his part. It's clear proof of what he wants. He has absolutely NO care for those who are dying. He simply wants to attack the videogames.

Dr. Phil ATLEAST said "mixed with psychopaths". Which is what the true cause of this is, mental disorder, not videogames. If it's the videogames, how do you explain the 50+ year old psycho murderers who have never played a video game?

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this is so retarded. WHAT DOES HE WANT!!!! its not like not having violent video games will make us have less killings. If there going to kill somone, they will kill somone. One big thing about the virginia tech shooting was that the man was very mentally ill and was sent to many places for his problems. I still dont know why he was in school.

VIDEO GAMES DID IT! VIDEO GAMES DID IT! goddamnit, does he not remember any of the killings before the 80s? jesus christ, there were alot more.

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