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AlanWake.co.uk Redesigned

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Just a shameless little plug for one of our sister sites, AlanWake.co.uk, your premier resource for everything about Alan Wake, the upcoming psychological action thriller from Remedy Games.

I've been less active on the forums this week, spending time to come up with a much more attractive and suitable design for the website, darker and grungier. And now it is finally complete. Check out my news post about the redesign to read a little more about it, and also leave your comments there.

Don't know about Alan Wake? Head over to the site and read the About page, and also treat yourself to some gorgeous screenshots and high definition trailers.

Also, we're looking to get the forums more active again, so if the game interests you, be sure to sign up and get posting. There's plenty to talk and speculate about, wishlists to be posted, and such like. Have fun!

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