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GTA IV to be 100 hours long

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Only 100 hours ? I finished it in one week :P lol :joking:

100 hours = 4.166666666666666666667 days of non-stop GTA 4 playing

Wooo! Can't wait. Uh, for the PC version...

You are not the only one that`s for sure, *you`ll never walk alone in this one :P

*Liverpool Song

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wait, don't any of you guys think that 100 hours is too much? maybe some of you guys could finish it fast, but i just can't!

i mean whoaa, when's the next GTA coming up if we couldn't finish the fourth?

c'mon, pretty soon we'll be bored!! about the city environment!

did you guys ever think that? boreness???

i hope they'll make it as good as they can so i wont get bored

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