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Lamborghini vs. Ferrari  

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  1. 1. Which cars are better ? from L or from F ?

    • Lamborghini
    • Ferrari
    • Can`t choose `cuz I like them both ...

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Lamborghini vs. Ferrari

Which cars are better ? The ones from Lamborghini or the ones from Ferrari ?

I always like the cars Lamborghini made ... Especially Lamborghini Diablo SV

Please post here

-the favorite Lamborghini or Ferrari car ...


-vote the poll

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I like the lamborgini better, for some reason I ever liked the ferrari's desing

you mean you "never liked the ferrari's design"?

design wise i like lambroghini better, they are so slanted and look cool!

i like ferrari f50 and f430, they look cool and lamborghini Murcielago LP640 and Diablo VT 2

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Lambo -

1 - They're bad boy cars.

2 - Enzo Ferrari was a colossal Dick. (Now I've gone & done it :evil: )

Carol Shelby (as in Shelby Cobra) drove for Enzo (late '50s, I think) until he got fed up w/ Enzo's ego & told him he was

gonna build the car that kicks Ferrari's ass. The rest is history.

Back to topic, they both build beautiful I'll probably never afford outside a video game. I lean towards the Lambo

because they just look sinister, especially the late '70s - early '80s models. I'll take mine in black, please.

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Well, i like the history of the lambo's (btw gycu, you spelt it wrong (it's Lambourghini, it's got a 'u' in it)

I mean, the countach, and the Diablo, and the Miura...

But i love the 575 maranello, and the new f430 and 612 Scaglietti are nice cars dude...

Lovin' the Murcielago.... Not so much the Gallardo... Meh :mellow:

Overall, the lambo's for me, the LP640 Roadster tips the scale....

Thats a lambo, btw

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To me Lambos are sweeter than Ferrari. For some reason Lambo has a little more... hard to explainess. Oh almost forgot to say shouldent this be in the Fights and RP Zone?


Why? We arn't arguing about it or anything, there's no use to argue over preference And UO, I lol'd at that comment.

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So you live in 'da hood :ph34r: . Me too! Which is why when you do see them around here, they're usually being chased by cops trying to get them back.

Well, not the hod as such, just a place wher you wouldn't want to take a car of value 15000 or more for fear of it being chav - ified in some way <_<

In the neighbouring village, me and my freind saw an enzo (parked in someone's drive, we assume he was visiting, wasn't really a large house) and my mate saw a gallardo off 'shakespeare road' in bedford... Big mistake buddies... lol

But given the choice, or the money to be able to make it, i'd either buy a Pagani Zonda F, or a Koenigsegg CCX :dribble:

hehe peace!

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The Black Lambo's sweet but I'd swap it in a second for that Pag. Nice taste MrLlamaLlama.

Thankyou very much.

Ever seen TopGear.

My favourite quote ever from that show... Richard Hammong road testing a pagani Zonda Roadster... he says "If there's anyone out there who is ten years old... Think for a minute...Thuis car is as good as you think it is..."

Hehe, Elton John has one... Or had one, i forget...

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