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Sounds like we're back to direct & honest.

If she is a psycho, then you might want to deal w/ this sooner than later, like before she puts too much into planning "Happily Ever After".

There's always MrLammaLamma's "Shiny thing" strategy.

Bear - Stupid = Human. (Chanting in the background: Geeba Juuba, one of us, one of us!)

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Nah, you brought it up :P And you gotta get comfortable with it, I mean.. this.. this is nothing. I get stalkers from time to time, they're easy to deal with. Don't worry about her being a psycho, I doubt she will be.

Just go up to her and tell her.... or call / message her, I dont' care. Obvious she doesn't get the clue.. lol. So yeah, either... do something about it, or I'm gonna start harrassing you :P

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If the girl has actually said "I like you" or is acting in that way it may be good to tell her you aren't interested (nicely). But if she hasn't actually said it then you might embarass yourself and her. What if she has no feelings for you?

What if she goes around telling everyone that you're a jerk because all she was trying to do is be nice and you said "not interested"?

In the same vein I had an interesting conversation a while ago. A girl I asked to a dance in the 9tb or 10th grade (1999), who turned me down by the way, saw a picture of my wife and I, with friends of ours at an amusement park on the friends desk.

She told my friend that she and I dated in highschool. This was news to me. I laughed and said I never dated her. I asked her out once (mainly because I knew she was going and I felt sorry for her, and I didn't have a date).

I mean of all the things to lie about, why that? She knows this girl is my friend, and will probably tell me she said that, and yet... I saw her at Wal-Mart yesterday (she works there) and it was the first time I ever saw her look at me. It's so freaking bizzare. But hey too bad, I'm married and nothing's going to change that.

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Smooth sailing here, too.
All good this side of the pond... Me and Jess cooked today, and i got told i stir like a girl :huh:

But yeah, that besides, all good.

Then Jess tried to put make-up on me... She F4173D (failed), and she kept poking me when i was stretching (y'know, the kind of tired, yawn stretch thing?) it was real mean, since the reason i was tired is because i got up at 7:00am just to go and see her for like 10 minutes, when i could have stayed in bed for pretty much as long as i wanted. <_>

So yeah, all good.... minus the abuse....

But i do abuse her back.... I always find ways to piss her off... Like laughing when she fails. She does it to me, but i get a bigger kick out of it, cos she gets more annoyed :D ...

Hope all goes well Sky!

and UO, good to hear.

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^^ Lol!

So, I told her.

We didn't speak to each other for a week after that (which I think is better than awkward small talk!).

But then one day she threw a paper message during class at me, (which unfortunately I won't divulge over the internet with millions viewing) and after that we started talking again and now everything is fine.

However, I can't shake the feeling that she just wanted to go out with me for 'couples' sake...

But I'll leave that be, we're friends again.

Thanks for the advice!

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By the "same girl you started this topic on" I meant in the first page of this topic. Initially you sounded like you wanted to get rid of her, but this one's been all over the map.

If you did notice something new (she did or said something that made you think there was common interests) hope it works out.

Bear - Hope this guy treats you w/ a little more respect.

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Well i'm hoping good things happen for both of you Skyline and Bear, it's an amazing feeling to find a person that you genuinely enjoy spending time with, all the time. Best wishes.

All that aside, all is good here... I get to go shopping on friday, cos the GF's off school then, woo-freakin'-hoo.... :P

How's it your end VV we haven't heard much... Anyone else in mind? Or what? Sorry, i'm being nosy... hehe :P

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