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Gun Silencers/Suppressors


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A suppressor is a device attached to a firearm to reduce the amount of noise and flash generated by firing the weapon. It generally takes the form of a cylindrically-shaped metallic tube that is fitted onto the barrel of the firearm, with various internal mechanisms to reduce the sound of firing by manipulating the escaping propellant gas, and sometimes by reducing the velocity of the bullet.

Wikipedia is your friend

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Mechinizums FTW!


You all should read more.

A bullet travels faster than the speed of sound.

You ever see a rifle shot from far far away?

The bullet hits an then a second or so later you hear the gunshot.

You should read stuff like the fight club book or no country for old men book.

You take a few inches or so of extra barrel length with tons of holes drilled in it

welded into a hairspray can stuffed with fiber glass. It's pretty simple how it works.

The silencer slows the bullet down to below the speed of sound.

That's not really why it works though. The bullet has to be slowed down enough

so that the sound wave created in the chamber reflects off the backside of the bullet

to cancel itself out and probably somewhat absorbed by the fiberglass. You also have to keep

the barrel from exploding. This even works on shotguns because of the plastic piece

behind the buckshot or in case of slug shells the slug is just slowed down like a normal bullet.

Silenced shotgun! OUUUU it's so evil. Did you see the movie "no country for old men"

Antone Chugar in that hotel with a silenced shot gun "FORGET ABOUT IT"

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I realize the OP is years old, but since there wasn't really a definitive answer, I'll go ahead and post my own.

Ever notice that the silencer has a far greater volume compared to the thin barrel? The idea is that the pressurized gas behind the bullet gets a bigger space to expand into, thus causing the gas pressure to drop significantly. When the bullet and gas finally exits the silencer, the pressure will have dropped from some 3000 psi to about 60 psi (depends on the weapon ofc), which obviously results in the noise being greatly reduced.

And that is pretty much how it all works. :)

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