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Do you have any talent?


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I have PS talent..... I suck at drawing.


That shows a bit of both worlds. I drew it by hand, then photoshopped out things like the blue lines((it was notebook paper)). And on the left side of his hat was a hole because I drew it far on the side of the paper. So I manually added it with Photoshop. Didn't turn out too bad, I must say.

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I'm pretty sweet at footy (soccer here in America, but I don't like that name, I like football better), and I play for my high school. I can't really show you any of my talent in that. Other than that, I am a good web designer and I'm also decent at graphics. I'm too lazy to post links to my works, the only sig I can think of off hand is my newest one I use on Gamespot and InsomniacGames.com forums:


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