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Do you have any talent?


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Thanks Jaçe!

When I'll have some time I'll put up some portraits and graffs of mine if thats ok with u peeps :)


Sure you can, that's be cool.

I know this is an old topic but I have another portrait I wanna show you. I dont know if I already did it but I couldnt find it in this topic.


One of the greatest, eye-candiest, realistic, detailed portrait I've ever seen. Take a look at the beard and the eyes...

Uhu, those Eye's really look good. Like he's actually looking at you. And that beard is good to.

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thank you guys, I think we all have talents but some of us haven't found them yet.

I've been drawing since a kid and this one is the last portrait I made, so the time says it all, I've gained experience. I'm a perfectionist, I like to make things the best I can and I think this last portrait shows what I can do far, I love it, I'm glad you like it too.

And Byzzy Byz, your portrait is amazing, I love how you've drawn the shadows and all. Great job!

here's the same drawing but larger, you can see better the details ;)


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Thx Kokane :)

To tell the truth, I'm not very experienced in drawing portraits. This is my fifth portrait but I'm very glad that u like it :innocent:

I promised that I'll keep the pictures flowing. Today I'll post a drawing of BloodRayne and the most complex graff of mine so here are the pics as promised:


and the 2nd:


Sorry for the quality! It's this bad becouse my blackbook and I went trough a lot and it's not in it's best shape :)

It reads: CMS it's the name of our graffcrew. It means Catch Me Suckaz ;)


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I have a few - photography, art and I can play guitar. I made 2 calendars for both my art teacher and photography teacher and they liked them :) I used to play football as well, although I wasn't getting any first team action. I plan to get back into it within a few months.

football as in PROPER football, not crappy american football.

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I guess if we can just state our gift, I'm clear, heh heh. I write, a lot and I'm pretty talented there. I debate well and influence people, usually by showing them a different perspective on their opinions, as in "What you're saying is.....That's how I am hearing it." I tinker a bit with PhotoShop, but I can't really create anything from scratch, just work with images, blending and arranging them. I'm not great, by any stretch, but I get by.

There are some truly impressive artists on here, though, kudos to you all for that. I can't draw at all, so I have a lot of respect for those who can.

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